I trust you, Guruji

Nishtha Kaushik, January 2015
It's His divine grace that I am able to write this satsang. Last month, my mother suddenly felt short of breath and was put on aided breathing in a hospital. Doctors said she had a pulmonary embolism, that is, blockage of an artery in the lung caused by blood clots. A cardiologist at a leading Gurgaon hospital told my father that my mother had very little time left. The moment oxygen support was removed, her pulse rate would fall.

We prayed to Guruji. All our hopes rested on Him. My mother had been nearly a week in the hospital and we got her langar prasad from the Bade Mandir. Two days later, I was at the Bade Mandir praying for her well-being. In the hospital, my mother felt Guruji wanted her to get herself off oxygen support. The oxygen mask was duly removed. An hour passed, then two, then a couple and then a full day. She could breathe on her own for more than twenty-four hours. It was a miracle; it was His grace. One day I am sure she will be out of the sick bed and running about to attend Guruji's satsangs. I trust, Guruji. She will be cured, for her life is a pure blessing He has given. He will take care. We as a family surrender to you.

Nishtha Kaushik, a devotee

January 2015