We merely pass it on

Nishtha Dhand, November 2018
A few days ago, I became a part of Guruji's beautiful sangat. I always wanted to attend a satsang, but couldn't. Sometimes I was too far away or, at other times, the timing was a problem. Although I felt apprehensive that I hadn't attended a satsang, I remained positive and explored satsangs on the internet.

One fortunate day while I was watching a satsang, my live-in house cleaner joined me. She had her own experiences to share and her faith in Guruji was immense. For a while I was awed by Guruji's kripa. Here I was on the lookout for a devotee to whom I could talk in length about Guruji and there was one present in my house. We watched many satsangs together.

Afterward, my house cleaner asked me if I could get her Guruji's swaroop, albeit a small one. I felt miserable because I had only one and wondered how I could arrange it for her. The following night I had a dream where someone gave me Guruji's swaroop. I woke up completely overjoyed, went to my home mandir and did shukrana to Guruji. I prayed for my house cleaner, who is such a gentle soul. I wanted to share my dream with her that day.

When the bell announcing the house cleaner rang, she came in with something wrapped in a newspaper. She held my hands and gifted me a big avocado, saying: "You are always concerned about me and love me with a pure heart; I thought I must take a token of love for my Didi."

Tears welled up in my eyes. The tables had been turned: Instead of me giving something to her, I had become the recipient of a gift. I was forced to consider, who gives whom? Who is the source of all things? We feel we are self-sufficient and should do something for those who work for us. But the truth is we cannot help or support any one. It is Guruji who provides for us and we pass it on.

Thank you, Guruji, for this learning. I am sure one day my house cleaner will get Guruji's swaroop. May her pure soul be blessed.

Guruji extends my mom's life by a year

My mom and dad were a devoted couple. So when Mom was afflicted by cancer and had to be in hospital, it was Dad who was her attendee even though he struggled with spondylitis.

On 25th March 2015, a remarkable incident happened in the hospital: Guruji literally re-scheduled death. At around 4 that morning, mom felt an unbearable pain in her legs, which were swollen on account of deep vein thrombosis. She was likely losing prana through her legs. She cried out and asked my dad to press her feet. Dad, who was sleeping, got up. But he lost his balance and fell on mom's feet, unconscious. The nurses came running to the room. He came to his senses within seconds, but was still asked to get a battery of tests done.

My mom saw that dad's watch, with the dial having an imprint of Guruji, was shattered. Surprisingly, mom's pain vanished soon after. Guruji had taken it away. Dad, however, was put under observation in the neurology wing.

Mom called up my sister and I, and we came rushing. Having mom and dad on different hospital wings on different floors was very difficult. We requested the doctor to put them in a single room. We took Guruji's name and the doctor co-operated. We noted that the room number added up to the numeral 7.

The next year, in 2016, I felt Guruji was indicating to us that one of my parents had to go. Mom always insisted on going suhagan, and Guruji listened to her prayers. Mom left on 25th March 2016, exactly a year after the watch had broken in the hospital. Guruji had extended her life by one year.

Dad could not live without her. He too left us on 16th September 2016, but not before telling my sister and me about the state of the family's financial affairs, and how to deal with documentation etcetera.

When mom was passing away, I saw a white light falling upon her. At dad's final moment, he was sitting under a sculpture of the Buddha at home. He merely took three last hiccups. The doctor later ruled it was a cardiac arrest.

I believe that it is a mark of Guruji's grace that they left on 25th and 16th in the same year—dates whose numerals add up to seven, which for devotees speak to our bond with Guruji. Jai Guruji!

Nishtha Dhand, a devotee

November 2018