With Guruji's blessings, cancer is found early and my life saved

Nisha Jain, April 2017
I bow before Guruji and His devotees. It has been two years since I came under Guruji's refuge. Guruji has blessed me every moment of my life and has taken care of me like a mother and a father. A million thanks to Him.

In October 2016, I had acute stomach ache and had to undergo several tests. It was found that I had a stone in my gall bladder and a cyst in the ovary. I became very upset. I go for satsangs every Tuesday and I prayed to Guruji to heal me in one of these.

In due course, I consulted my doctor and was given a date for my surgery. A day before the operation, I went for a satsang but reached late. The satsang had got over but a few devotees were dancing. I was anxious about my surgery, but feeling Guruji's love I could not stop myself from taking part. I felt good that I was with Guruji and I felt as if He was diagnosing me as I danced. I took prasad and Guruji's blessings and returned home. The hostess, Manisha, also gave me jal kept in front of Guruji and I felt assured that Guruji had blessed me.

The next day at the hospital as I completed formalities before the operation, I prayed to Guruji to give me an indication of His presence and that everything would be okay. As I went for my last test, a sardar doctor who told me that I shouldn't worry and that everything would be fine. I felt as if Guruji had made the doctor voice these words. As soon as I came out of the doctor's room, I got Guruji's strong fragrance and felt very happy. My disheartened heart lit up with pleasure. Resultantly, I got my surgery done happily.

After the surgery I felt pain for one or two days, but Guruji was taking care of me. He was there with me every moment. I was discharged and went back home.

During the operation, however, the surgeon had discovered something. The cyst turned out to have a borderline tumour, which meant that I had borderline ovarian cancer. The surgeon wanted to take it out, but my uncle told the doctor that he could not take this decision in haste and would wait for the final biopsy report.

I was shattered when I learnt of this and cried and cried; I asked Guruji why this had happened to me. When I went to the hospital after a week to get my stitches opened and to collect the biopsy report, the doctor confirmed that I had a borderline tumour. He pointed out that I was lucky, since my cancer had been detected at an early stage whereas ovarian cancer is usually detected at the last stage or by the time it is too late.

My family and I were very upset and could not understand what had hit us. We consulted other doctors but had to go for an open surgery, which was the best way to get rid of the cancer and preventing it from spreading. I got the surgery done in December. Both my ovaries and uterus were removed. I was in a lot of pain and misery, but I felt safe in Guruji's lap. He was with me every moment and gave me the strength to go on. Guruji not only supported me, but He also provided me with my family's support. My uncle was there with me as was my family. I thank Guruji from the bottom of my heart.

Truly, Guruji loves His children very much and will not let anything bad happen to them. I used to feel scared at the thought of getting chemotherapy done, but my reports showed that as the cancer hadn't spread, there was no need to go for chemotherapy. At that moment, my heart said Jai Guruji!

As I write this, it has been four months since my operation and with Guruji's grace I am completely fine. I used to question Guruji about why he made me go through this operation, but now I understand that if I didn't have this operation when I did then I wouldn't have had a life. My cancer would have gone undetected. My family and I are thankful to Him that He saved us from something very horrible. I am also thankful to my family for the way they supported me, specially my uncle and both my mothers (my mother and mother-in-law).

My life has been gifted to me by Guruji and I pray to Him that He doesn't separate me from His lotus feet. I pray to Him that He forgive me for my sins and that I remain devoted to Him and be in His service always. I pray that He keeps showering His blessings on everyone. Guruji has been with me throughout my difficult times and has removed obstacles from my path with His own hands. I don't have words to thank Guruji. He gives us beyond what we can ever think of. He is everywhere and He makes the path easy for us. I pray to Guruji for everybody's happiness. Love you, Guruji.

Nisha Jain, a devotee

April 2017