He loves us so much

Nina Kapoor, November 2008
My family and I have never met Guruji physically. Guruji decided to leave His body a month before we came to India. Yet, Guruji blessed us in such a way that we feel He is always there for us and touching our lives every minute.

My mom had been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. She would take five-six showers, wash the house every day, wash our shoes and school bags, and fight with everybody. Some doctors declared her insane. Her illness had become so severe that my father was about to put her in a mental hospital. We consulted the top doctors in India and the US for eight years, but no one could heal her. We went to plenty of gurus and spiritual healers. Many said someone had done black magic on my mom. We tried all sorts of pujas, but nothing worked. Then we heard about Guruji from one of our family friends.

Since we had already tried so many gurus, we thought of giving it another try. My mom decided to go to Guruji's sangat when her friend asked her to come. We had heard all sorts of experiences related to Guruji and my family was simply amazed. After my mom's first visit, she has had over four dreams, no darshans, of Guruji. Each has helped my mom recover.

In the first dream my mom had four-five months ago, Guruji was yelling at my mom to stop her nonsensical behaviour. Guruji was quite angry at her and came to her bed and said, "Dassan tenu!" Since that darshan of Guruji, my mom has improved herself and her attitude towards life so much that I cannot express it in words. Just a single darshan of Guruji changed my mom forever. He changed her behaviour in a night while doctors had been unsuccessful for the last eight years. Today, my mom is a big devotee of Guruji. It just brings tears to my eyes that there is someone out there who loves us so much. My mom worships Guruji everyday and has begun to look at life differently. Till date she has not missed a single sangat. She feels as if some power forces her to go to the satsangs every week.

Another interesting thing that happens is that my mom has severe foot problems and cannot sit on the floor for too long whether she is at a temple or a Gurdwara. However, when she goes to Guruji's, her foot problem simply vanishes.

Watching over me every minute

Guruji has helped me a lot in college. I always tended to get nervous whenever I gave an exam. I would forget everything even though I studied a lot. Now, every time I give an exam or do something important, I always carry a picture of Guruji and whatever I do turns out the way I want it to.

I feel as if Guruji is always with us every minute of our lives, giving us the feeling that as long as we are with Guruji, nothing can go wrong. I feel Guruji is watching me every day, every second whether I'm at college, shopping, or home. I feel He is watching me and keeping an eye out for my family. As long as you have faith in Guruji, nothing in this world is impossible. Nothing. I would just like to thank Guruji for everything He has done. The only desire I have left was to see Guruji in real life, but Guruji has convinced me that He is everywhere. And who can be everywhere? Only God.

Nina Kapoor, a devotee

November 2008