Guruji takes care of my sister's marriage

Nikita Kashyap, February 2016
I have been under the divine grace of Guruji since the last six months. Guruji has the power to do anything, even the impossible. He has worked so many miracles in my life that it is not possible for me to write about all of them. However, there is one satsang that I would particularly like to share.

My father, mother and three sisters make up our family. My father lost his job 10 years ago. My younger sister and I are the only earning members of the family. Then last year in April 2015 my sister got engaged, and the marriage was fixed for December. This brought about a crisis since we did not have sufficient money. However, it is in this dark time that we found Guruji.

My aunt had been telling us about Guruji for the last two years. Now she was joined in by my mausi, my mother's sister. With nothing for it, we finally went to Guruji's. It seemed that we had entered a completely different world. It was heaven on earth! Soon, we started visiting Bade Mandir regularly.

My parents remained extremely worried regarding the impending marriage. We were running out of time and did not have money. I would reassure them, saying that Guruji is with us. And Guruji would always make His divine presence felt with His rose-like fragrance. In fact, when we would go shopping, we would find His photograph in a shop—a divine reassurance. And as it turned out, the finances for the marriage were arranged and everything went off superbly.

My sister too got a very good job by Guruji's grace. Ever since we have come under Guruji's protective umbrella He has been with us at every step. Today I do not worry about anything for I know that Guruji will do only what is good for me. We don't know when and where and how Guruji blesses us. All I ask is that Guruji bless everyone just as He has blessed us. I cannot thank Guruji enough!

Nikita Kashyap, devotee

February 2016