Sewa of parents is best and first

Neha Kaushik Sharma, May 2015
Jai Guruji!

Guruji is love Himself and His blessings are always flowing into our lives. My family has been following Him for the past one year, but when I look back I find that He has been taking care of me for decades. He has blessed me with the best parents in the world and I have received the best of education. I have a great husband, an Army officer who is very sincere. We are posted out often, but with Guruji's grace we get the best of postings as well.

One day my friend managed to lodge a doubt in my mind. She asked me why despite impressive educational qualifications, I was not going for a professional job. I took the question to Guruji. Soon I had my answer. My mother got critically ill, and my husband and I decided to make her health our top priority. My parents are in Delhi and I moved to Delhi without a second thought. My husband would keep coming to meet us and we managed everything with Guruji's grace.

After a year, my mom's health began improving but not to the extent that I could leave her alone. By that time, my son had turned three and it was time to get him admitted in a prestigious educational institution. Delhi's nursery admissions criteria were so strict that we were paranoid. For my son, only a few schools fell into the bracket. Taking Guruji's name we got the admission form for three schools. One of these was number one in that particular area. It was our dream to get our child in that school.

During talks with that school's principal we learnt that the school had introduced a quota for Army personnel. The principal also impressed us as lady of principles, yet she confirmed our son's admission though we could submit all the documents in time. It was all Guruji s grace.

Thank you, Guruji, for everything, you made our dream come true. I am 100 per cent sure that with time my mom will be fully cured and will celebrate her health by holding Guruji's grand satsang. I know that Guruji will certainly bless her. The selfless work we have put behind in nursing her back to health will pay off one day. Parents are the most treasured assets of our life; they are not replaceable. Hats off to my Guruji for everything. I love you, Guruji.

Neha Kaushik Sharma, a devotee

May 2015