Guruji shows me the way

Neeti Malhotra, September 2012
Guruji finds you when you need Him the most and are ready to tread His path.

I have known of Guruji since 2001. He embraced us when we needed Him the most and showered His immense blessings. We used to regularly attend satsangs at Empire Estate in Delhi. A hiatus occurred. I got busy with worldly chores and was limited to thinking and talking about Him. Ten years passed, and then the urge to meet Him again, to see Him, got overpowering. I saw Guruji's images at different places: at a drycleaner's shop in the market, in the vendor's office, on cars.

Soon my sister-in-law was calling me from Bangalore, telling me about the annual satsang in Noida. I was supposed to call and enquire about the date and timing from her mother who stays in Noida, but failed to do that and felt I would not be able to attend the satsang.

Just a day before the satsang, I got late in office and my colleague's husband offered to drop me home. We were on the regular route when he took a turn to an apparent short cut-and we passed by the satsang venue. It was Guruji who had shown us the venue, and I was able to attend the satsang. Tears rolled down my eyes with pleasure at being in His gathering. And Guruji bestowed His blessings.

Neeti Malhotra, a devotee

September 2012