Blessings every minute of our life

Neera Oberoi, July 2007 हिंदी
My journey towards Guruji or God began in 1995 when I returned from Sweden after spending 13 years there. Since then, every visit to Guruji has been a blessing, an event to be cherished.

When I started going to Guruji, I was seeking peace and stability in my life. I had heard of many miracles that Guruji had performed for His devotees. He had healed people with cancer, heart ailments and incurable diseases when doctors had given up on them. On one of my visits to Guruji, a miracle took place in my own life.

Since childhood, I had suffered from eczema. No medicines would work, and the doctors would prescribe cortisone every time it flared up. My hands had become like sandpaper. Once when I was sitting in the sangat, I wondered what would I do if Guruji asks me to press His lotus feet, my hands are so rough. A couple of weeks later I realized that my body and hands had suddenly become cleaner and soon I was cured.

Then one day Guruji asked my elder brother, who was in the Army and posted in Jammu and Kashmir, to visit Him. My brother had never met Guruji before. On my brother's next visit to Delhi, Guruji blessed him. The same month he returned to Jammu and Kashmir and in a terrorist attack he was hit by a bullet. However, the bullet just hit his arm and he was saved. It was Guruji's blessing that saved him.

Once Guruji gave me His photograph and asked me to put it in my bedroom. Since childhood the only photograph I had in my bedroom was of Lord Shiva. Today, whenever I have any problem, doubts or happy moments, I like to share them with Guruji in front of His photograph. And Guruji has always given me the answers. I have seen Guruji in my dreams when I have been away from Delhi and have missed Him.

Today, I have so much faith in my Guruji that everything around me reminds me of Him. Guruji has blessed me and my family. My two sons, whom Guruji blessed and sent to the US for studies, are His devotees or His fans as Guruji says.

All of us whose life's journey has taken us to Guruji are very blessed. We just need to have complete faith in Him and His blessings are with us every day, every minute of our lives.

For me, Guruji is the Almighty Father who has given me more than I ever wanted, more than I ever deserved. Thank you, Guruji, for your blessings.

Neera Oberoi, devotee

July 2007