Benign, blissful, blessings-full Bade Mandir

Neeraj Seth, July 2015
We have been married for seven years but don't have a child. I have been a single child as well and have always longed for a child of my own. To that end, we have kept fasts, followed sundry rituals, taken top doctors' advice but nothing has worked.

I live in Dubai and come to India twice a year to meet my mother and family. During one visit in 2014, my aunt told me about Guruji. I listened to her carefully, but did not acknowledge His existence. For I have never been to any guru and do not believe in living saints, often mocking my friends' faith in such personages. The India trip was short and despite my aunt's insistence I did not go to the Mandir.

However, the next trip saw me returning to India after another failed procedure and I assented. My wife, my mother, aunt we all went to Bade Mandir. It was fairly late when we reached and I wondered why we had rushed to the place.

Guruji wasn't there as a physical entity, but clearly to the sewadars-who were helping people reach the temple-His presence was palpable. I had never been to such a place. We reached there and I felt confused. I was simply praying to Guruji without really believing in Him. My aunt kept recommending that I need just pray and Guruji would take care of the rest.

We are in Dubai these days. It's been just a few months after our single visit to the Mandir-and-our prayers have been answered. My wife is expecting our first baby. I am amazed and can't thank Guruji enough. We do hope His blessings shower on us forever and we welcome a child into the family soon.

I can't go for a day without thinking about Guruji. I really wish to visit Bade Mandir soon to thank Him. I hope He blesses us always.

Neeraj Seth, a devotee

July 2015