Guruji pours water over advanced cancer

Narinder Taneja, July 2007 हिंदी
Guru meri puja, Guru Govind, Guru Mera Parbrahm, Guru Bhagwant...

(The Guru is my devotion, the Guru is my Lord,
the Guru is the Absolute, and the Guru is God)

In February 2005, my wife was diagnosed as suffering from ovarian cancer. The disease was at an advanced stage, the cancer cells having spread to the tip of the liver. We went to all the doctors concerned. Ultimately, Anita was operated upon in Bombay Hospital, Mumbai. The doctors recommended that she would have to be treated with six chemotherapy sessions taken after every three weeks.

Like heaven-sent deliverers of mercy, my sister and brother-in-law, staunch followers of Guruji, visited us. They talked about Guruji and advised us to visit Him and take His blessings. On the coming Thursday, we went for Guruji's darshan.

We had entered the hall when Guruji spoke to my wife. He identified her not only by her name but by her nickname, saying, "Anita... Lucknow wali, Bubbli aunty." We were taken aback, and Anita was filled with new belief and courage. She felt that all her problems were over and that Guruji's blessings and protection would always be with her. Guruji asked Anita to bring a copper tumbler, which He blessed. Anita would religiously drink water from it every morning.

Cancer is not an easy illness to deal with: the chemotherapy and its side-effects - loss of hair, nausea, and a sinking feeling - take their toll. But, with Guruji's blessings during the six chemotherapy sessions, Anita never lost her self-confidence. Her hair loss affected her family more than her. She was extremely strong in spirit through all the sessions and never complained about the troubles coming her way. This was all due to Guruji's blessings. In fact, the Satguru would often communicate His confidence to Anita. He would, for example, urge Anita to enjoy and have a peg of whiskey, telling her that her cancer had been treated.

During these darshans, Guruji would always tell us that our son would have a love marriage. His words, as is usual, came true. Our son proposed to the girl he liked; we took them to Guruji for His blessings and they got engaged.

It's been a year and a quarter since Anita's ovarian cancer was detected. Yet, she shows no trace of the disease. She is back to her jovial self. Guruji has blessed her and told her that she has been cured. Her family, friends and even doctors couldn't be happier seeing her enjoying the new life Guruji has given her.

How timely was Guruji's descent into our lives! Just seven months after Anita's cancer was diagnosed, there was some more bad news for me. I had three blocked arteries in the heart. Guruji treated the condition in His own way. Though I had gone to Him right after my angiography, He did not allow me to have an operation right away. Even before I could utter a word and tell Him of the heart condition, He asked me whether I had got the test done. When I said yes, He asked me to go for a thallium test. To my disappointment, the result was positive. Very upset, I turned again to Guruji. He simply told me to get the operation done. I guess He was gaining some time for me; perhaps earlier it wasn't the right time to undergo the surgery.

Since I was a diabetic, the operation and the recovery both had added risk. During the recovery period Anita regularly came to have Guruji's darshan. He blessed me and my recovery was timely and free of problems. When I was able to visit Guruji, He said: "I have given both a new life." And that is absolutely true.

Anita enjoys perfect health, my son is married to the girl he liked and both are happy, and I am back to my normal self. Who else but Guruji and what else but Guruji's divine grace would have done this. Guruji occasionally reiterates before Anita that her cancer has been cured, she can enjoy life.

Due to the Satguru's blessings, we have become more confident, stronger and happier, as we always feel Guruji's presence with us.

For us, He is God. All those who approach Him with sincerity and faith, receive His divine blessings.

Narinder Taneja, devotee

July 2007