A houseful of blessings

Narinder Raseen, March 2008
We went to Guruji four years ago on November 28, 2003. We were in great trouble, but slowly with Guruji's blessings everything was set right. Our life was totally out of track, and Guruji was the only one to hold our hand and put things back to normal. Have faith in him; He is there to help us out of the darkest phases of life. Guruji is omnipresent. He manifests His presence before us in our daily life...even as I am writing this I can feel His divine, rosy fragrance around me. He is the supreme power, our lord, our saviour.

We thank Guruji for saving us and guiding us. Without Him, our life would have ended long ago. We feel blessed that our voice reaches Guruji through His photographs kept in our home and also that He replies to us in our dream - which is again His darshan.


A day before Guru Purnima, on July 29, 2007, a Saturday, we decided to decorate our house as well as the mandir with flowers and put garlands around Guruji's photographs. We also decided to engage in a recital of the Sukhmani Sahib (a popular set of 192 hymns compiled by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan Devji, that appears in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib).

While we were busy with the decorations, my daughter pronounced that we would find the house redolent with Guruji's fragrance when we come back from the Bade Mandir. Indeed, when we returned, the house was full of Guruji's fragrance and His vibrations.

What was more surprising was that the garlands around Guruji's photographs and mandir had increased in size and length. In the morning, in fact, the garland around His photograph had reached the shelf below our mandir. By evening, it had crossed the shelf and, a short while later, touched the floor. We felt really happy; our heart was filled with joy, as Guruji was showing His presence and love for all of us.

After Guru Purnima we had picked up all the rose petals from the mandir and the staircase, cleaned the staircase and then disposed of the flowers in the river. It has been more than a month since then and we have noticed that a couple of rose petals are always around either in the house mandir or on the staircase. We strongly believe that this is another of Guruji's ways of showing His divine presence.


Yet one more incident shows his omnipresence. One fine morning I got inside my car after it had been given a fine morning wash. As I touched the gear knob, I felt something sticky. It was a sugar- or honey-like substance, a pointer to Guruji's presence. The divine nectar, or amrit, remained for hours.

We pray to Guruji with folded hands to keep us at His Lotus Feet and under His refuge. Bless us and guide us throughout our life. "Rakhi charna de kol , mehran waleyan saiyan rakhi charna de kol"(O Graceful One, Keep Us Near Your Lotus Feet.) May Guruji bless everybody.

Narinder Raseen, a devotee

March 2008