Master of life and death

Narinder Dhand, July 2007 हिंदी
Guruji's intervention in matters of individual destiny - when He sorts out His devotees' karma to protect them from perils they are unaware of - can be highly difficult to comprehend. Also, the divine power He uses to dissolve the bad karma is nothing less than His omnipotence at work, revealing the Satguru's authorship over matters of life and death.

A brick from Guruji's birthplace casts out evil spirit

The family of Narindar, a GE executive now based in Chandigarh, had been hounded by a problem. His wife had come under the possession of a powerful female spirit. Then, Narindar's mother met Guruji during a New Year function at Patiala and brought home Guruji's photograph.

The family tried to meet Guruji at Panchkula, but could not. They went to Mansa Devi instead. Narindar, meanwhile, scoffed at the women's easy trust, saying they could find two Gurus beneath a single brick.

The family got the opportunity to meet Guruji at Chandigarh on the occasion of Shivratri. Narindar listened to a lot of satsangs and heard Guruji say that He visited the house of whosoever came to Him with shraddha (devotion). At 4:30 the next morning, those words came true. Narindar saw the bedroom door open and Guruji's shadow fall inside it.

Guruji also left proof of His visit behind. While the house was being swept, the couple discovered a few gold-like wires glinting in the sun. They did not know what these were, but kept picking them up from the house regularly for the next 20 days. It turned out that these were wires used in the embroidery on Guruji's attire.

Narindar decided to go to Guruji and went to Chandigarh on a Saturday. He told Guruji of his wife's problem, but Guruji just said: "You have been blessed." Narindar was disappointed. He wondered why the Guru had not asked him about his problem or said anything more. He had not realized till then the full power of Guruji's statements: whatever He says inevitably comes true and even His casual remark directs the trusting person to safe harbour in times of trouble.

Narindar then went to Guruji's birthplace at Dugri. As a memento, he brought back a brick from the house where Guruji had taken His human avatar. After washing the brick, he kept it at his home shrine or puja room.

At night, Narindar had a vivid dream. He saw that the female spirit who was troubling his wife had possessed him. Through his mouth, she said that she could never have been tamed. But that the single brick placed in Narindar's house was so powerful that she could not stay in the couple's house for even a minute and was leaving it.

The family's problem was solved - thanks to the holy brick obtained from Guruji's birthplace. That single brick had turned the tables on Narindar's sarcastic statement that women could find two Gurus beneath one brick.

Try as he might, Narindar could not remember the details of his dream sequence clearly the next day. But, Guruji removed the last shreds of doubts. Two-three days later when Narindar went to have darshan, Guruji told him: "You have been blessed through a brick, haven't you?"

In His next few, always-sparse sentences, Guruji also revealed the nature of a true Guru: "You don't have to tell the Guru anything," He said. "Don't bring the Guru down to that level. The Guru knows and solves your problem Himself." Time and again, Guruji's words were proved right.

In dreamworld, Guruji liberates Narindar's daughter...

In January of 1998, Narindar had gone to Dugri to get some dung-cakes for use during festivities connected with his nephew's first lohri. He met Mataji, Guruji's mother, who insisted that he take a sackful, but Narindar took only five pieces in the boot of his Maruti 800.

Three days later, Mataji was with Guruji in New Delhi and He asked her whether anyone had come to Dugri. Mataji, who did not know Narindar's name, told him that 'a boy with spectacles' had come in a car and taken some dung-cakes. Guruji asked whether a sack of dung-cakes had been given and Mataji replied in the negative. Guruji then said: "Will it happen? Will it not?" He repeated the phrase twice and then added, "When it happens, then I will see to it."

Soon, in an apparently unrelated happening, Narindar's wife conceived. When she was eight months pregnant, Narindar asked Guruji to give him His dress to wrap the infant in. Guruji denied the request. The infant was delivered through a Caesarean section. She developed an infection of the lungs on the very first day of her birth. Narindar informed Guruji of the matter and was told that everything will be okay. On the third day, however, the infant passed away.

Yet more seriously, the stitches on Narindar's wife formed pus. Within 21 days, the pus had developed into a sack inside her stomach. Narindar's wife was sorely grieved. She berated Guruji in front of His photograph. She had already lost her child, she bemoaned, and on top of it she was facing this problem.

Late that night the answer came. Guruji gave darshan in her dream, and instructed her to do an aarti. This was to be done after 21 days. Guruji also gave her a remedy. He predicted that the pus sack would remain as it is till the 42nd day of her delivery and then go away.

The grieving mother performed the remedy as instructed. Also, she remembered the aarti till the 21st day and performed it. Thereafter, she promptly forgot the aarti. Soon a hole developed near her stitches and the pus passed out of it.

Narindar's grief, however, had still not been assuaged. He was lighting a lamp in his home shrine when he started weeping.

That night, Guruji came in the deeply distressed father's dream. He took Narindar to the grounds where Narindar had buried his little one and asked him to dig up the grave. He then asked Narindar to place the infant in His hand - which suddenly looked huge - and with His other hand, Guruji sprinkled water over the infant. She immediately cried out.

Then, He asked Narindar twice: "Do you want this daughter?"

A stunned Narindar could not respond.

Guruji revealed that had Narindar taken an entire sack of dung-cakes as Mataji was insisting, these incidents would not have come to pass. The infant then would not have taken birth. Guruji explained that the daughter's life had meant certain death for either of the parents.

In a dream that was truer than waking reality, Narindar refused to reclaim his daughter. Guruji proceeded to grant his daughter moksha (liberation). Narindar saw a beam of light come from his daughter's form and merge into Guruji's lotus feet. Guruji said that she had got a form of liberation that even those who did penances for thousands of years find difficult to attain. In a burial ground, due to the Guru's grace, a human soul had achieved holy liberation.

...and extends his son's life

Akshay was an extraordinary child. Till he was a child of three years, his body and even his urine used to have Guruji's fragrance. One day, his father Narindar showed Akshay's planetary birth chart to an astrologer. The astrologer predicted that his son's life was just eight years. His troubled wife asked Narindar to pray hard to Guruji.

It was December 2001 and Guruji was in Jalandhar. Narindar went to the temple there and apprised Guruji of the problem. Guruji reserved His comments, saying only that astrologers take people on the wrong path.

A few days later, a devotee had arranged for a function at Jalandhar. Guruji asked Narindar to attend, but the disciple said it would be difficult to since he had an official meeting at Chandigarh. Guruji insisted, and Narindar went to Jalandhar after his meeting, arriving there at 10 at night.

Guruji was distributing prasad as he came in and gave some to Narindar. Narindar then had the obligatory langar and sat down with Guruji in the hall. The Satguru again distributed prasad and giving some to Narindar told him that He had extended his son's life. Narindar remembers Guruji telling him: "Only Rab (God) can do this and God is in front of you."

When the time came for Akshay to go to school, the parents filled the required forms in three schools. Two of them demanded hefty donations and were rejected.

In a dream, Guruji instructed Akshay to put His photograph on his dress and that he would be granted admission. On the morning of his interview at the third school, though his parents were not too convinced about letting him carry Guruji's photograph for the interview, Akshay insisted and did wear Guruji's photo to school.

His father was worried, which was quite justified as well: Out of 5,000 young applicants only 250 had to be selected. But, Akshay's faith paid off. His name was at fifth place in the admission list and no extra money was taken for the admission.

Keeping Narindar out of death's way

In January of 1998, three saints came to Narindar's house. One of them started making predictions and told Narindar's mother that her eldest child should have been dead by then. At this, the mother called Narindar's wife out. Looking at her, the saint told her that this extended life which her husband is enjoying, is due to the grace of the saint or Mahapurush they are devoted to.

The wandering astrologer then predicted that Narindar would die by Jan 30. He promised to ward off this calamity if only the family would give them some new clothes.

Narindar's wife was worried and she sent her husband off to Guruji in Delhi so that he could be under His divine protection as the date neared. Narindar was with Guruji on Jan 30.

That very night, Narindar's wife had a dream. She saw that Guruji and Goddess Kali (the Black One, consort of the purusha or male principle, also known as Shiva) were together and Guruji was telling the Goddess to give Her blessings to the couple. The Goddess had a silver stick in Her hands and it was suggested that the couple put out their hands. Narindar did so and she hit his hands with the stick, but his wife was afraid and refused. Guruji said that with the strike of the stick, He had cut Narindar's bad karma.

He told Narindar's wife that what she was witnessing was not a dream, but real. At this point, his wife woke up. She saw that Guruji's photograph kept in the home shrine had changed colour. Whereas Guruji's attire used to be a deep red in the framed photograph, it was now black - the colour of Kali. It was only after five minutes that the colour changed back to red.

Washing away the handprints of death

The family's house in Ludhiana had the imprint of two hands on the gate. Narindar's wife suspected something was amiss and sent her mother-in-law to the Naina Devi temple. While she was away, she set about washing the house, meaning to clear the imprints from the cement wall. She tried rubbing the prints off with her hands.

By night, her hand was paining a great deal and had begun swelling. In another four days, the left limb was paralysed. Doctors started her on medicines and wanted her to do exercises. During these days, Narindar was stationed at Jalandhar. He came to know of the sudden paralysis afflicting his wife and wanted to go home.

But, his wife phoned him up and told him not to worry. As usual, Guruji had taken care of things. His wife related that she had been making her complaints known to Guruji before His photograph. Those under His refuge are immune to all kinds of grief, she was protesting, why was she suffering?

Hardly had she addressed her complaint that the omniscient Guru materialized before her. Easing the shock of His sudden appearance, He sat down on the couple's bed. He told her that the imprints had meant the death of the mother-in-law and He had converted it to a mere paralysis of the hands.

Guruji rubbed His devotees' affected hand and instructed her to move it. When she could not, He rubbed her hands again and repeated the instruction. Immediately, she was able to move her hands. The constricting paralysis had vanished.

Guruji further advised her to get her mother-in-law to pour water on His photograph and splash the holy water thus obtained on the imprints on the wall. As soon as the drops of holy water hit the killer imprints, their colour changed from brown to red. And then Guruji said: "You have been blessed."

Invited to Nainital and made to study

There were plans for Guruji and the sangat to go to Nainital in June 2002. Narindar's wife wondered whether Guruji would ask their family to go along with Him. Narindar told his wife that neither was he an old sangat member nor among the rich, so Guruji might not invite them. He was soon to find out how wrong he was. Among Guruji's sangat, no distinctions are observed at all and before Him and His regal majesty all are poor. He is the Sole Giver, the rest - no matter what their worldly status - are beggars.

Within two or three days, Guruji asked Narindar to come to Delhi for urgent work. When he reached Delhi and had had langar, Guruji invited him to the Nainital trip. When Narindar returned, he told his wife that Guruji had out of mere formality asked them and He would not remember their names. But three days before the trip, Guruji called him and again invited him, instructing him to take along woolen clothes. Guruji had responded to Narindar's doubts. Narindar says He knows everything about your life, what you have done, what you think.

In Nainital, Guruji asked Narindar to go for a post-graduate diploma/degree. Narindar said it was not possible for him to start studying after a decade's gap. Guruji again told him to enroll for the degree. Narindar entered a diploma course, but was not sure whether he would pass the same.

But, he cleared the diploma in two years with the blessings of Guruji and hastened to give Guruji the news. Guruji wondered why Narindar was telling Him because He only had given the papers and cleared the exams. Now, thanks to Guruji's blessings, Narindar has begun studying for his MBA.

All are blessed

Guruji takes you under His refuge as you are. The past does not matter before the Satguru. He requires no pious ejaculations of faith; an honest self-examination would serve better. For the Guru is the last person to be deluded. The Satguru does not distinguish among men, between the virtuous and the sinful, the good and the wicked, leave alone the poor and the rich. His protective umbrella covers your family, friends, and relatives. But to be truly in tune with the Satguru, to be one with Him in spirit no matter where you are requires that the disciple disarm his ego and surrender himself. Then the Guru charts the disciple's course over the stormy waters of life Himself. He saves the disciple from the malicious currents of his bad karma in the way He deems fit.

Narindar's brother is saved - twice

Narindar's brother, Sunil, was also an avid devotee of Shiva and had gone to Amarnath on a pilgrimage with Narindar before. He made another pilgrimage to Amarnath in June of 2005. There was a landslide and their bus was trapped on a sliver of land edged by deep ravines. Sunil remembered Guruji, took out His photo, poured water over it and scattered the holy water in the direction from where the landslide was hurtling down. The rocks stopped falling; all lives were saved.

Later, when Sunil came to pay obeisance to Guruji in New Delhi, the Master said: "Tell the sangat the latest (experience). Didn't I have to save everybody to save your life?"

This was not the first time Guruji had forestalled fate from cutting short Sunil's life. Around year 2000, Sunil had been operated upon for an appendix. But, after he went under the knife, Sunil could not pass urine - a serious matter. He also endured agonizing abdominal pain. Doctors diagnosed that he was not passing urine due to tension and gave him some Valium 2 tablets. They did not help.

When Sunil went to Guruji in Chandigarh, he was made to have at least 17 cups of tea and two langar meals. As he was readying to leave, Guruji made him have another cup of tea. Since Sunil was protesting this rather large intake of fluids, Guruji made him drink it in front of Him and then said that he would be okay.

Outside and almost immediately, Sunil felt the urge to urinate. And did so - for the next 10 minutes. Since that day, the appendix problem has not bothered him. Guruji's blessed cups of tea had done what doctors' tablets couldn't.

Relatives bailed out and blessed

In 1997, a relative's daughter, Madhu, fell ill. She had some nervous problems and her abdomen had been paralyzed. She was Guruji's devotee and expressed her desire to have Guruji's darshan before going in for medical treatment.

She was brought to Chandigarh and seated down outside the hall, near a window from where she could have His darshan. Madhu cried and cried and prayed that she would get prasad. Testing her faith, the Guru gave her prasad the last. He also told her parents to get her admitted to the Rajindra Hospital in Patiala.

Within two weeks there, her condition improved.

Madhu returned from hospital and went for Guruji's darshan. She still had a bottle attached to her, Guruji got it removed.

The doctors were surprised. Patients in her ward had shown no improvement, while she was ready to be discharged in three weeks. The divine healing power obtained through the darshan had again done its work.

Yet another time Guruji's grace fell on a relative of Narindar's.

Guruji's langar used to come from Malerkotla while He was in Chandigarh. A few families had been entrusted with the task of preparing the langar and Narindar's mami (maternal aunt) ardently wished to send some chapattis she had made to Guruji.

The day after she had expressed the wish, a crippled beggar came to her door. He asked her for some food, but she refused. The beggar then revealingly said: "Last night, you were talking of langar, now you can't even give tea." Narindar's aunt remained oblivious to the hint; however, she brought the stranger a cup of tea and two laddoos. The beggar told her she could ask him for anything, but she denied the offer saying her Guru had given her everything. The beggar immediately replied with: "Kalyan hoga (You are blessed)."

The aunt went inside, leaving the beggar to pursue his meal in peace. When she came back, she found that the beggar had left and only the glass was there. That sudden disappearance - beggars usually badger householders for money etc. - brought home the recognition to her that the beggar at her door was none other than Guruji.

Even non-believers feel His grace

In January of 2004, Guruji's father fell ill at Dugri and the Master sent Narindar to look after him. He was shown at the Malerkotla Civil Hospital. The attending doctor, Gurvinder, was told about Guruji, but he could not be less interested.

Guruji told Narindar to have satsang for an hour with Dr Gurvinder. But, the doctor refused. Guruji then asked Narindar to get an appointment with the doctor. During Narindar's talk with Dr Gurvinder, the man of medicine refused to have any truck with the supernatural and said everything was explainable through science. Guruji was, however, persisting with the doctor. He asked Narindar to ask the doctor to come to Delhi. He refused, but came anyhow for, as providence would have it, an official meeting had been scheduled to be held in Delhi.

The doctor came to the sangat for two consecutive days and then Guruji sent him back, telling him he would reach Malerkotla in five hours. Though the time for the journey is usually seven-eight hours, the doctor was astonished to reach his destination in Guruji's appointed time.

In Delhi, Guruji asked Narindar to call the doctor up. The omniscient Satguru told the disciple to ask the doctor about his daughter's welfare. When Narindar asked the reason for doing so, Guruji revealed that the doctor's daughter had a mental problem.

Narindar did as told. The doctor too asked him why he was concerned about his daughter. Narindar told him what Guruji had said and the doctor then admitted that his daughter's problem had been cured by 85% after he had returned from Guruji's sangat in Delhi.

His daughter had healed even though the doctor had stubbornly refused to believe in any supernatural power. Next week, the man of medicine came for Guruji's darshan. Soon his daughter was fully cured.

In the presence of the divine

As Narindar began to be with Guruji, he was lucky enough to have a few spiritual experiences. They not only showed him flashes of Guruji's cosmic being, they also impacted his spiritual practices and development. These experiences also serve to illustrate the rare occasions when the Satguru would give out a spiritual gem for the devotees' practice and observance.

'I am Shiva': In the Amarnath cave

Narindar had been a devotee or bhakt of Lord Shiva since childhood. He was fond of telling his rosary beads and going for the pilgrimage to Amarnath, the holy cave where Shivji manifests in the form of a linga made of ice. After he had gone to meet Guruji, he had gone for yet another pilgrimage to the sacred spot with his younger brother, Sunil.

As he was standing in the queue of people going into the cave, Narindar fell into rumination. The entire scene of Guruji's durbar or spiritual court passed before his eyes. Lots of cups of tea would greet visitors. Devotional songs or shabads would steep the hall in holiness. Then langar would come to appease appetites and later amazing tales of faith would be recounted. The late evening would turn into a thanksgiving to the divine father with Punjabi folk songs or old songs and ghazals playing in the background. At the Shiva cave, Narindar, thinking over this scene, was forced to ask: "Guruji, who are you?"

Hardly had he uttered the words that a beam of light came out of the shivalinga, expanding to about a foot in height. Within this light, Narindar saw the figure of Lord Shiva, which changed to Guruji's, and then switched places again vice-versa. A voice echoed in Narindar's inner ear: "I am Shiva; I am everything."

The cave was suddenly full of Guruji's rosy fragrance. Narindar's younger brother, Sunil, could also smell it.

On the same day, in her Ludhiana home at night, Narindar's wife dreamt of Guruji. She saw Guruji with a trident or trishul in hand atop the Nandi bull, the vehicle of Lord Shiva.

Within three months of going to Guruji, Narindar says, the Master had shown the disciple His true form - Shiva Himself.

The Guru proclaimed His identity on another occasion. Narindar and his family had gone to see the shivalinga near Samrala. Narindar's wife insisted that he go again on Monday to offer his devotion to Lord Shiva with milk and other offerings. Narindar however, did not agree with her. He said Guruji is Lord Shiva and shivalinga for him.

That very night, his wife dreamt she was sitting in front of Guruji at Empire Estate. She gave a letter to Guruji. He immediately stood up and went to His room and came back with a photograph of His. Guruji showed her His photograph. It was a beautiful photograph but it disappeared within a few seconds. Immediately, an Om appeared on the photograph. And within a few seconds, a shivalinga manifested from the Om. She asked Guruji about it. Guruji told her to look at the photograph again and she saw Guruji sitting in the shivalinga. She was confused. Guruji then told her that she did not have to go anywhere else because she had come to Him. If you come to my place, Guruji said, "You don't need to go anywhere else because I am God."

The dream was a symbolic representation of Guruji's oneness with Lord Shiva.

'Your heartbeats will stop...'

Once Guruji was lying down in paath (devotional practice) while a couple of devotees pressed His lotus feet and massaged His body. One devotee got tired and asked Narindar to come in instead of him. Narindar did so gladly. He had just touched Guruji's lotus feet that he was asked to identify himself. Narindar gave his name and was told to strongly massage the Master's leg. A while later, Guruji asked Narindar to shift his focus to the soles of His lotus feet which, He said, were burning a lot and needed to be pressed hard.

After 10 minutes or so, Narindar was asked to put all his might into squeezing the thumbs of Guruji's soles. He did so. The thumbs of the Satguru's lotus feet began squirting amrit (roseate nectar) just like a cow's udders give milk. The area within a foot's radii of Guruji's lotus feet became wet due to nectar. Then, Guruji addressed Narindar: "Have you seen now who the Guru is? My entire body is full of amrit."

Similarly, when Narindar asked Guruji for the darshan of the Satguru's true nature, he was gently turned away. Guruji explained that He is like a 14,000-watt wire and the disciples akin to a zero-watt bulb. "If you touch me, you will be annihilated," Guruji said. "I am Shiva. Your heartbeats will stop...With time, I will give you the eyes to see me."

Rosary beads broken with shafts of light

Some of Guruji's sayings pertain to individual spiritual practices as well - though He gives such advice rarely. It is Guruji's counsel that telling the beads inflates the ego of a spiritual practitioner. Now, Narindar had been fond of this spiritual practice since childhood. One morning as he was telling the mala (beads) in his puja room, he fell into a trance or samadhi. He was transported to the Bade Mandir in New Delhi. He found himself sitting inside the hall in the lotus posture, his mala lying in front of him. Guruji was seated in His asana to the left and Lord Shiva's brass idol had taken a human form.

A shaft of light from Shiva's hands and another shaft from Guruji's hands fell on Narindar's rosary and shattered it. At that moment, Narindar came out of his trance. He was seated in his Ludhiana room and when he picked up his rosary, he found that it was broken. From that day, Narindar stopped telling the rosary. He now follows Guruji's recommendation that paath can be done anytime. No rosary is required and there is no special time to remember God. He can be remembered while eating, drinking, walking, cooking food, lying down or while working at home or in the office.

In fact, according to Guruji, the true test of the spiritual trance or a samadhi lies in the devotee's transcendental union with God. If such a union is there, the adept can be immersed in samadhi even while loud music assails the environment and his body is subjected to discomfort.

Shiv Mandir: The 13th Jyotirlinga

On another occasion, Guruji told Narindar and his family to stay at the Bade Mandir (or Shiv Mandir) for a few days. During their stay, Narindar and another devotee were giving final touches to their polishing work on Shivji's brass idol kept inside the hall. Narindar noticed amrit coming out of his Lord's lotus feet. He cleaned the distinctively wet spot, but the wet oozing patch reappeared. The devotee who was with Narindar said it couldn't be happening. He suggested that Narindar must not have polished (using a cleaner, Brasso) the patch properly. Immediately, a wet patch oozing amrit appeared there, too. The devotee's realization was just as immediate.

Narindar had gone to the Shiv Mandir in December 1998 for the first time. Guruji had shown him and some other devotees around the place. The group noticed that one half of the linga (which forms the roof top of the main structure) was wet. They wondered whether this was due to rain. Guruji, however, said that it was amrit that was raining on the linga.

He also predicted that in future times, the river Ganga herself would come and bathe this linga with milk. The linga, Guruji said, would be pre-eminent among the twelve jyotirlingas in India and those wishes that were not granted at these sacred spots would be granted here. A week after Guruji's statement, a devotee, R. P. Singla, had a darshan which showed that the prophesy would be fulfilled: In a dream, he saw the Ganga bathing the Shivalinga at the temple.

See Radha-Krishna in Him, too

The family had been planning to go to Vrindavan and Mathura, the pilgrimage centres of Lord Vishnu's devotees, in year 2006. But, try as they might they just couldn't get away and their plans were defeated as recently as April of 2006. Around this time, when the family had come to Delhi for celebrating Baisakhi at the Bade Mandir, Guruji gave one of His dream darshans to Narindar's wife, asking her to press His lotus feet in the dream.

As she was doing so, an idol of Lord Krishna emerged from the Satguru's lotus feet. Guruji told her to just place the idol on His stomach. As soon as she did so, it disappeared inside.

Guruji then went to His room and Narindar's wife saw the entire room change into a temple. A Radha-Krishna photograph was inside the room. The incredulous devotee who had desired to go to Vrindavan to see the Krishna idol asked Guruji about the photograph and He said: "Did you have darshan? No need to go to Vrindavan. Everything is here."

Narindar also narrates an incident in which the Satguru proclaimed His true identity. In a dream, Narindar was taken to a hall. Guruji called him and pulled his ears thrice, then touched him on the point between the eyebrows thrice with His own fingers. Guruji then said: "Kalyan ho gaya" (You have been blessed.)

After a few days, Narindar found the sacred Om and the figure of the sheshanaga scratched on the locket of Guruji that he always wore. The Om and the sheshanaga can still be seen on the locket. Narindar mentioned the incident to Guruji. The Satguru replied: "Only God can do this. Can anyone call himself God? I am God."

And so indeed He is. His form though is mysterious and wondrous. Narindar tells of a time when Guruji gave him His jootis as a blessing. The disciple says he found that the jootis were of three sizes - six, seven and eight - and they were all being worn by the same person! Many devotees have also noticed the scarcely changing features of their Master. This mastery over the physical form can only be attributed to one who is above maya, who has won over Nature, who is in fact her Lord, who is Shiva, the one who has no beginning, middle or end, the one who was born before time and the one who has manifested in the form of Guruji to bless mankind. He takes care of His devotees with love, never making them fell worthless, and ever prompting them to discover the divinity of their soul.

Narinder Dhand, Devotee

July 2007