Saved from the three black messengers of death

Naresh Khandelwal, July 2007 हिंदी
Mr Naresh Khandelwal's wife in her early thirties fell ill. She was afflicted with dengue and her kidneys were also infected. Doctors at Gurgaon refused treatment as her platelet count was below 9000, beyond treatment.

On top of it, on a Tuesday, a vein burst and unable to contain the flow of blood, doctors advised a discharge. She was shifted to Max Hospital in Noida.

Naresh's brother was a devotee of Guruji. He and his wife were perturbed by the sequence of events and called up another devotee to ask if they could visit Guruji on Tuesday and conveyed the problem. They were told not to worry. They were reassured that Guruji is God; He would not let anyone who had come to His sharan suffer.

In the meantime, the doctors at the Max Hospital had also given upon her. Thursday came and Naresh went to Guruji. As he was touching Guruji's lotus feet, he could not help himself and told Guruji that his wife was suffering from dengue. Guruji's response was in itself a promise. "Dengue...dengue ki honda hai? Chal, ja kuch nahin hoya usnu" (What's dengue? Go, nothing will happen to her.)

As soon as Naresh came back to the hospital, the wife's platelet count started going up with every test: from 12,000 to 30,000, 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, she was responding to the treatment with Guruji's blessings.

One night at the hospital, she woke up screaming. Every one around her asked what had happened. The lady said she had had a nightmare. She had seen three short black men dragging her away. The people around her were not able to stop them even though she was pleading to be rescued. Then she remembered Guruji and prayed to Him for help. Guruji came and those yamdoots (messengers of death) went away; the lady was saved.

She saw the same dream twice and started feeling that it was only Guruji who had granted her life, because only He can do so.

Within a week, she was discharged. She recovered and was put on dialysis in order to make her kidney functional. Today, she ably performs the roles of a mother, wife and daughter.

Guruji shooed the messengers of death away from her. Who else can do this but God?

Naresh Khandelwal, devotee

July 2007