Guruji grants my daughter admission

Naresh Gupta, September 2017
In March of 2015, my wife suggested that we change our daughter's school, which provided education only up to the 10th class. She wanted our daughter, then studying in Class 5, to go to another school, which had classes up to the 12th standard. My daughter appeared for a written text and interaction. The interaction did not go well, and she could not secure admission. Meanwhile, her name was stuck off the rolls in the previous school. We were in a predicament.

My daughter had obtained good marks in the written exam, so I persisted. I managed to get a recommendation letter from our MLA, and I showed her marks off to the school people. I was asked to return with my wife and daughter and assured that my daughter would get admission. But we returned to the school only to be told to quit harassing the officials.

My wife was disappointed. I had only gone to Guruji's Bade Mandir once but I felt that He would grant my prayer. My wife was angry with me for always chanting Guruji's name. When I asked her whether she would come to Guruji's durbar if our daughter got admission, she refused.

The obstacle to the admission was the fact that my daughter had not done well in the interaction. When I enquired if a "donation" would help, officials refused to entertain the request.

We approached a school teacher, who was the wife of a friend. Her niece had got admission two years ago in the same school albeit with a healthy donation. I told my friend's wife about my daughter's case. She said that there was no need for a donation and asked me to come to the school along with my wife and daughter. Then, she helped my daughter and told her about the questions that could be asked during the interaction. We were now cutting it fine, since the next day was March 31, and the new school session was to begin on April 1.

My wife, meanwhile, proclaimed that she would come along to the Mandir only if our daughter got admission.

The three of us went to the school along with the money. My wife's friend took our case up to the vice-principal, who, in turn, talked to the principal. We were called into the principal's office, where the principal talked to my daughter. Then she conversed with me in English, but I replied in Hindi. The principal then enquired about our acquaintance with the teacher, and I told her honestly that she was my friend's wife. The principal gave us the admission form and asked us to submit the fees. We did not have to pay a single rupee! My wife was pleasantly stunned with the turn of events.

When we reached home, my wife declared that she would go to Guruji's durbar the following day. Guruji had given proof of my faith to my wife.

Naresh Gupta

September 2017