Farrukhnagar devotee finds his saviour

Naresh Gupta, June 2010
I am a resident of Farrukhnagar, 22 kilometres from Gurgaon. I got the opportunity to have Guruji's darshan in year 2004, when my younger brother Deepak Gupta, who resides in Noida, took us to Empire Estate.

Our first visit to Guruji's Chotte Mandir was our first meeting with Lord Shiva. The very first darshan of Guruji was fulfilling! I could really see Lord Shiva in Guruji, as I could see the shivling on Guruji's forehead and the very touch of Guruji's lotus feet would lend a divine fragrance that would come off my hands. It was so wonderful an experience that I came once a week regularly, on available public transport. Before having Guruji's darshan, I used to frequent temples, but could not attain peace. Once in Guruji's sharan, I forgot all other temples and was just engrossed in Guruji, Lord Shiva. As a hungry man delights in food, so was my joy in Guruji's darshan, langar and chai prasad.

People in Farrukhnagar came to know of Guruji. Another resident began coming for darshan. Since he had a scooter, I could now travel with him. As time progressed, the sangat from my area increased to almost ten people. Soon we could comfortably hire a cab and visit Guruji.

Guruji blessed all of the sangat members. And showered love and blessings on me and my family.

My wife is granted a new life

In year 2005, on the occasion of Diwali, my wife Kiran got dengue. The doctor made the diagnosis at around 10 in the morning and I immediately called my brother Deepak. He was on his way to Bade Mandir. He reassured me that nothing wrong would happen when we were under the protective umbrella of Guruji. He then came over to Gurgaon and took us to Max Hospital, Noida. The doctor there told us that there was hardly any life left in Kiran. The doctor said that she could see blood in my wife's eyes and that shortly her ears and nose would bleed. The bleeding would be rather difficult to control. The doctor advised us to take my wife to AIIMS. I lost hope and dropped on the floor with tears flowing from my eyes. Deepak told the doctor that she had to admit Kiran and that our Guruji would take care of her. The doctor should just ensure that the medical procedures are followed. After a lot of effort, Kiran was finally admitted and we were asked to immediately arrange for platelets and blood for her. With Guruji's grace, everything was arranged instantly. Kiran was taken to the ICU.

Later in the evening, Deepak came to Bade Mandir and prayed to Guruji for her. My family and I spent the night in front of the ICU. In the morning when the doctor came on her rounds, she told us that Kiran's kidney and liver were by now badly damaged, and resultantly her body had become swollen. Having full faith in Guruji, we kept praying.

It was a Wednesday and I decided to visit Guruji's Chotte Mandir, hopeful of having Guruji's darshan. However, when I reached there, the door was closed. I sat just outside the gate and began praying. And I could also not stop crying. A sewadar came out and inquired about the matter. When I asked for Guruji's darshan, he told me that Guruji was not available on non-sangat days and that I should come between Thursday and Sunday to have Guruji's darshan. I told him that as a regular sangat member, I was aware of this. But I requested him to allow me to sit there for a few more minutes. He agreed, but also suggested that to 'connect' with Guruji, I should have visited the Bade Mandir: Guruji is always present in the Bade Mandir, the sewadar said. He went in and came out again shortly, inquiring about my name and my problem. He came back with chai prasad and langar and told me that there was no reason to worry. Kiran would be absolutely fine. I knew these words were coming from Guruji, and the prasad recharged me. I was on a high when I reached the hospital. The doctor was not hopeful. She pointed out the situation: whether one fell from the seventh floor or the fifth floor, death is eminent.

The next day was a sangat day, and I reached the mandir to have Guruji's darshan. I was crying inside and when I finally went to bow to Guruji to take leave, I told Him that Kiran was suffering from dengue. Guruji turned to a lady seated close by and asked her what the disease was all about. He then turned to me and said the magic words that she would be fine. Guruji's statement was enough to turn it all around. When I called the doctor from outside the Mandir, she informed me that Kiran's platelet count had improved considerably and reached 35,000.

At the hospital that night, Kiran woke up screaming. The attendant nurse went in to check on her. Kiran requested her to call me inside the ICU. I was outside the ICU and when I came in, she told me about her dream. Two dark-skinned men had come and wanted to take her along. She called me and other family members, apparently nearby, for help, but we didn't respond and just stood there. She then requested Guruji for help. Guruji appeared there and told those men, "Chado Ainu" (leave her.) On Guruji's firm instruction, those men vanished immediately. We realized that Guruji had come to the hospital to save and bless Kiran.

In the next 15 days, Kiran recovered completely. Soon, she was not required to undergo dialysis. The doctor, while discharging my wife, advised that Kiran come for a regular health check-up every three months.

Guruji's grace had seen my family through a real tough time! Kiran was fine and we soon began visiting Guruji's mandir regularly.

My wife is cured of high sugar

On one of the three-monthly visits to the doctor, Kiran mentioned that she was feeling weak. The doctor advised a sugar test. After the test, we decided to leave for home, telling the doctor that the test report would be collected later by my brother. On our way back, we got down from the bus at Sahara mall (Gurgaon), went in and had dosa and snacks. The next day Deepak called me from the hospital and told me that Kiran's blood sugar was really high at 480-580. The doctor was advising that we immediately check in to a local hospital and get my wife an insulin shot. She warned us that such high sugar levels can lead to coma, paralysis and worse. I told Deepak that I had just come to my shop from home and Kiran had been fine. But I rushed back home, where Kiran was serving food to the kids. I asked her if she was feeling okay. She was absolutely fine. When I told this to Deepak, he put me on to the doctor. The doctor repeated that we must immediately visit a local hospital (as going to Noida might be very risky for Kiran's health) and also get Kiran's sugar test done.

We did so and her sugar level turned out to be very high. And this doctor also suggested immediate admission to a hospital. But we had to visit Guruji that evening. We went to the sangat, where we had langar prasad, which had kheer and ladoos as well. For a sugar patient, these are harmful items, but in Guruji's sharan, it's all blissful prasad! From the sangat we went straight to Max Noida with Deepak. The attendant advised us to come the next morning.

The next day at 8 in the morning, as we reached the hospital, the doctor took Kiran to the emergency and checked the blood sugar. It was high and insulin was immediately given. In about half an hour, Kiran was shifted to a room and given an insulin dose every 30 minutes. She was continuously asked if she was having any black-outs or if there was anything that was not feeling right. But Guruji's grace was with her and Kiran was felling fit.

Soon, the heavy insulin dosage led to her sugar level falling to 77, which again had the doctors worried. They put Kiran on glucose for some time, and that again led to high sugar. Such swings in the sugar level extended our stay in the hospital to a week.

On Thursday, we insisted that Kiran be discharged as we wished to have Guruji's darshan. Doctors agreed, but handed out a strict diet chart and an insulin routine. As we had Guruji's darshan and prasad, we prayed for His blessings to end the insulin shots. With Guruji's grace, Kiran stopped taking insulin in about a month's time and regained normal health. Today, Kiran enjoys a hale and hearty life, thanks to Guruji's grace!

In fact all the sangat members who visit Bade Mandir and get connected to Guruji, enjoy His blessings and prasad and are under Guruji's protective grace. Guruji is always present in the Mandir!

Incidents of Guruji's blessings are many, and I can go on and on. I will surely share more of Guruji's satsang when Guruji gives me another opportunity. May He pardon any mistake in the telling. Jai Guruji!

Naresh Gupta, a devotee

June 2010