I smelt roses

Nandita Chander, July 2007 हिंदी
I met Guruji in 2004, thanks to a close family friend. The first time I went to the mandir, I did not know what to expect. There was a hall with large pictures of Guruji, lots of people sitting on the floor and Guruji on his throne. I too went and touched his lotus feet and sat against the wall, looking around. Every time I would look towards Guruji, I felt he was looking at me. I closed my eyes and was listening to the beautiful bhajans. Once or twice I tried to open my eyes, but I felt I was unable to. Suddenly, I experienced something very strange: I smelt roses! It was not an essence or an incense stick, because there was none around. It was the smell of fresh roses. There were waves of that fragrance coming and all I did was sat absorbing it in. I suddenly opened my eyes, looking around for roses, but other than the artificial ones, none were there. I looked at Guruji and He was looking at me. He said: "Hun dus practical aae ke see" (Tell me, can you explain what you have just experienced?) And I couldn't. I knew not to question His ways.

I was taken to Guruji because the doctors had discovered a tumour in my brain. It was a pituitary adenoma that was arching above my optic nerve and if it grew any further I could lose my vision. I was on strong medication - three bromocroptin medicines a day, which would leave me very miserable. I am a working professional who just could not give my best because of the side-effects.

I would go to Guruji, sit there and quietly pray, hoping that there was a shortcut. I hoped that I could opt for surgery, get the tumour out and stop having medicines. Guruji granted me my wish. In spite of the medicines, the tumor was growing and in October 2004, I was operated upon. Before the surgery, I went to take Guruji's blessing. He asked me the date and the hospital and doctor's name, blessed me and said: "Go, my blessings are with you. Nothing can happen to you." And I knew nothing would. It was a complicated surgery but I was on a high. I knew Guruji was with me throughout. My recovery was so fast that the radiation therapy, that was to begin two months later, could be started in three weeks! Nobody could believe it.

I came to thank Guruji the day I came back from the hospital and He said, "Congratulations on your new life!" And I knew that it was a new life He had given me. During my radiation sessions too, I had no side-effects. I would see people coming on wheelchairs and stretchers. Instead, I would go to work till afternoon, get my radiation done later in the afternoon and be roaming till late evening - shopping, dining out and leading a normal life. All thanks to His blessings.

While I was going to Apollo Hospital for my radiation, Guruji helped many other people who came in contact with me. I remember there was a nine-year-old child suffering from a malignant brain tumour. He had to go through chemotherapy and the medicines were having an adverse effect on him. They had to discontinue his treatment for some time and his poor father, who had taken leave from his government job as they lived far, was very worried. The longer the treatment took the more time he would need to take leave and they would have lesser money to manage the child's treatment with. I had a locket of Guruji in my bag - I always carry a picture or locket of Guruji with me. I told his mother to touch that locket to the boy's eyes every day. I knew my Guruji would help him. I met them after a week after I had gone for my radiation. The boy was back for his chemotherapy, looking much better. His mother told me that from the time she had started putting Guruji's photo on his forehead every morning, the boy was getting better and the doctors were amazed at the recovery.

I have a four-year-old son. When he was two and a half years old (just after my surgery), we discovered that he used to bleed from his rectum while passing stool. We had to get him clinically investigated. We were told that the colongraphy would take about 45 minutes to one hour. As we waited outside, I kept praying: "Guruji, please be inside with Jai (my son)." The procedure took nearly three hours! When the doctors called us in, they were concerned. They said they took so long because that found a nasty rash at the mouth of the biopsy sample.

I went crazy for those four days. I would go to Guruji and sitting there would just pray for His blessings. Guruji blessed Jai. The reports came clear: it was just a mild infection, which was treated with a week's dosage of medicines. Since then we have forgotten about it.

Guruji has been there for me always - fulfilling my every wish - whether for material things or health issues. When you go to Guruji, he knows what we need but can't see yet - He gives you both. You don't need to ask.

I can carry on writing all the day to day happenings where Guruji helps us, but like He says: "Short mein sunaie" (Tell it in brief.) Thank you Guruji for being there for all of us!

Nandita Chander, A devotee

July 2007