Guruji is last beacon of hope

Munish Sharma, June 2015
My brother-in-law had been hospitalised for two months. He was in a liver coma. Doctors in Delhi presented a very grim picture regarding his survival and said they could not treat him. It was the rarest case they had seen. But we did not give up on hope. Somebody guided us to Guruji's ashram. We went to Guruji with full faith; He was our only hope.

When we reached the Bade Mandir, it was closed. We asked a sewadar when we could meet Guruji. The sewadar asked us why we had come and we narrated everything. The sewadar pointed to a water cooler in the Mandir premises, asked us to take water from it and give it to the patient. He would be fine, the sewadar assured us. With full faith, we filled a bottle with water and took it to the hospital.

My brother-in-law was on ventilator support, but we managed to give him the water and even left the bottle beside him, thinking Guruji would heal him. The next day, doctors wanted to try an experimental treatment. We agreed, leaving everything to Guruji. A day later, the doctors were surprised to find that the patient was responding to their treatment. This was a really rare positive result in 35 years of the doctor's experience.

We have taken loans to the tune of Rs. 17 lakhs from our relatives for the treatment. Now that hope has come in the form of Guruji, we pray to Guruji that He cures the patient and saves us from financial distress. Guruji, please have mercy on us!

Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay; Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay

Munish Sharma, a devotee

June 2015