Alcoholism spirited away

Muneet Jakhar, July 2007
In my childhood, whenever I used to go to Jalandhar with my family, we used to stay at my maternal grandparents' place. Every one in my mom's family used to regularly visit Guruji at His place in Jalandhar. So during one of my visits to Jalandhar, I met Guruji with my family.

When we entered His place, we could smell perfume all over as if some one had sprayed the room with scent. We used to sit down and watch while people poured in to get Guruji's blessings. Later He would bless water in glasses with His mala (rosary) and pass it to us, and we would drink it. The water would have a distinct aroma. Even though we were children, we found that we could actually sit there in one place without fidgeting and did not even realize how time flew by.

My dad is a person who does not believe in any one beyond God himself. He would tell mom and me to avoid going to Guruji, stating that he did not like it. So, we stopped going. For around eight years we did not approach Guruji for His blessings, but my aunt and my cousin sisters were regular visitors. Often Guruji used to ask about us and told them to tell us to come and meet Him. Subsequently, Guruji shifted to Delhi.

In 2003, I also shifted to Delhi to do my MBA. I took to drinking, as I used to live alone and enjoyed having alcohol. Four months ago, I went through a liver function test on my parents' insistence. I had taken the liver function test earlier also and it had shown bad signs initially, but I had ignored the results.

According to the test results, a normal person should have a total of 40 IU/L (international units per litre); I had 347 units - way beyond normal. It was clear that if I did not stop drinking, I would have liver cirrhosis, which is not curable. It is fat that gets deposited on the liver due to excessive drinking and this fat shrinks the liver, making it malfunction. There is no alternative to a liver malfunction except death.

During this time, my mother was putting up with me as we were planning to shift our residence from Vasant Kunj to Dwarka and she had come to fix up the new place for me. My mother, a very religious person, visited Guruji for His blessings and on account of my health problem. She started going regularly to Guruji and insisted that I come along. Then one day, Guruji told her that her child was suffering and asked me to come.

I started going to Guruji. My dad was not aware that we were visiting Him. I used to reach Guruji's place directly from work in the evening, have tea and langar at His place and then return home. A couple of people praised Guruji and talked about how He had helped them and taken away their suffering. There were people who had been cured, among a host of things, of cancer, heart problems, monetary problems and now they were happy.

Guruji had told mom to come to Him for 10 days continuously and asked her to get a copper tumbler, which He blessed and I drank water from it in the morning. I also regularly visited Guruji's place and sat there with only one thing in my mind - His blessings.

During this time, I had also consulted a doctor who had been referred to me by a friend being treated for the same problem and taking the same medicines I had been prescribed. It has been more than four months that he has been taking these medicines and his results have still not normalized.

As for me, one day Guruji just told mom she need not worry about her child as he was cured. He also asked me to get the test done again.

I got my tests done the next day and to my surprise I found my result totaling 40 IU/L, which was normal. I could not understand or react to His miracle. That very moment I decided to go to Guruji and thank Him for His blessings. Guruji just asked me whether I had got my tests gone and I said yes, after which He said: "Thek hai na, ja aash kar" (The tests are all right; be carefree.) At that moment, I touched His lotus feet and my heart said thanks.

My grandmother survives her heart problem

The same night my mom and my grandmother told me of another miracle that had happened 10 years ago. My grandmother had suffered three heart attacks and the doctors refused to help further, saying she would not survive. My mom and her brother had gone to Guruji for help, which He did in the middle of the night. He told my mom and uncle to get betel leaves. Guruji then prayed in the room next to where my grandmother was lying and then told mom to put the betel leaves on my grandmom's chest. Ten minutes later, grandmother started urinating, a positive sign, after which the doctors rushed her to a hospital in Ludhiana for a bypass. Without Guruji, grandmother would not have been alive today and it has been 10 years since this episode had taken place.

Some time some things cannot be explained, but they do happen. You can only understand and acknowledge them when they happen to you. Since my cure, my faith in Guruji has doubled and I wish His blessings are always showered on my family and me.

Muneet Jakhar, Sales and Marketing manager with a real estate firm

July 2007