Helping our friends in need

Mukesh Kumar, March 2010
It was around August 2009. I was visiting India when I got news that one of my childhood friends had suffered a hemorrhage, which left the left side of his body paralyzed.

I went to see him in hospital. While with him, I wondered how I could help him. Suddenly I remembered that I had Guruji's photograph with me.

But since my friend drank and smoked to excess, I was not too inclined on passing Guruji's photo to him. I immediately asked him if he was willing to give up these two habits forever. In lieu, I said, he would be cured.

He promised to forgo both smoking and drinking. I put Guruji's photo under his pillow and requested his wife to take care of the photo. Then, I took my leave.

The very next day he felt better-to the extent that the doctor discharged him and he went home walking!

Four days later he called me to say that it would be difficult for him to keep his promise. I was not too happy and was scared for him, as his recovery was contingent upon his giving up smoking and drinking. Unsuccessful at trying to convince him, I left it to Guruji to make him see reason.

I don't know what transpired, but he called me after two hours to say that he had changed his mind and would keep his promise. The u-turn was a miracle in itself.

Today, my friend is on his feet and walking, slowly and with some pain, but enough to attend his office and to his daily tasks. I am sure that Guruji's blessings have brought about this remarkable turnaround. Hundred percent fitness is not too far for my friend.

Mukesh Kumar, a devotee

March 2010