Guruji Maharaj is great

Major General and Mrs M P S Sandhu, July 2007 हिंदी
We were extremely fortunate when in June 2004, with the grace of Guruji Maharaj we were admitted into His sangat. Ever since then life has taken a new turn for us, having become blissful and reassuring. Being with Guruji in the serene environment of His mandir, one is fully charged with positive energy. With His kindness we have gained immensely on the spiritual path, have begun to lead a far cleaner and humble life full of happiness. In fact, we no longer know unhappiness. The odd discomfort that comes our way also brings happiness with the knowledge that our beloved Guruji has helped us get over some of our karmas, an experience which without His kindness would have been far more painful.

There is also a very special bonding with Guruji's sangat since we feel we are a part of one big family in which the ego has been replaced by total humility. We look forward to interacting with the sangat at any time and place because we derive utmost satisfaction speaking and listening about Guruji. This itself is a great learning experience, besides creating greater bonhomie within members of our big family.

In our interactions during such satsangs, we have learnt that there is no need to physically speak with Guruji. A simple ardas (prayer) within the heart is enough to grant us the Mahapurush's blessings. We are also conscious that one should avoid asking Guruji for anything, because though He may give what is wished for, it may not provide us satisfaction. True satisfaction and happiness comes only when our beloved Guruji gives on His own. Despite this knowledge we are tempted to ask for Guruji's mercy whenever we are in trouble (we are only human). And, like I said earlier, He is kind enough to shower His blessings on our request.

How I was transformed

My wife, son and I began attending Guruji's satsang at the same time. While my wife and son came to believe in Him quickly, I had doubts for some time. Two incidents happened at that time which merit mention:

A laddoo for my absent son and his phone call

My son Samar, who is in the merchant navy, had gone off to his ship. Guruji would often ask my wife Babboo about his well-being. One evening we were at Guruji's mandir till late at night and Guruji had gone out. He returned after some time, around 1 am, and began distributing laddoos to the sangat. While He gave everybody one laddoo, He gave my wife two pieces of the sweet. She was thrilled and came to me saying that Guruji had given an extra piece for our son.

Just as she was saying this, Colonel Joshi, one of Guruji's sevaks, came up to me and handed his mobile, saying my son was on the line. We spoke to our son, asked him how he was ringing up at this unearthly hour and that also not on the home telephone on which he always rang up. He replied: "I don't know. I just got an urge to talk to you and I thought you must be at Guruji's mandir." Guruji is great!

In His hands, my wife's illnesses go away

My wife has benefited from Guruji's healing power at least thrice:

Surviving an accident

In December 2006, at one of the road crossings at Chandigarh, an Ambassador speeding at least at 80 kmph hit our Zen squarely from the side. The Zen was pushed almost four feet sideways. Doors and mudguards, the windscreen and window panes, even the dashboard were smashed. Yet, all four of us travelling in the car came out unscathed with nary a scratch or muscle pain. Moreover, I did not have to pay anything for the repairs since the Ambassador owner footed the bill. To survive such a serious accident unscathed could have happened only with Guruji's grace. Our Guruji is great!

We are grateful to Guruji for giving us the opportunity to narrate these experiences. We are also grateful to Him for all the blessings He has showered on us. Guruji often says that the world will be going through very difficult times ahead. No one will care for each other, no matter how close he or she may be. At that time, only the one big family of Guruji's sangat will matter. Needless to say we are lucky to be blessed by Him and to be a part of His big family.

Om Namah Shivay, Guruji Sada Sahay.

Major General and Mrs M P S Sandhu, devotees

July 2007