Guruji staves off father's heart attack

Monish Comar, May 2014
I joined this amazing guru parivar in January 2014 when I was visiting India. When I was in India, I decided that I would also like to host a satsang in my home in Canada. Upon returning to Canada my family began attending the satsangs being held weekly in Toronto. We decided to hold a satsang on April 26, a Saturday. We asked all our friends and family to keep this date open for the satsang. I announced the date at the weekly satsang but was told another devotee was hosting that day. I had not known that I had to book the date with Shri Param, who co-ordinates the satsang calendar. But it was not a problem. I took it as Guruji's wish and selected the next available date.

For several months, my father had been complaining of discomfort in his chest while walking. As he is a heart patient who had a triple bypass done about 25 years ago, we were concerned about the symptoms. His cardiologist booked an appointment for an angiogram for the morning of April 16. The surgeon discussed the procedure with us and said it looked like the arteries were probably blocked again since the by-pass was done 25 years ago. I asked him if he would put a stent in the arteries. Since the angiogram involved injecting dye into the bloodstream, the doctor said that would be hard as my dad's kidneys were weak and he could not expose them to too much dye. He would really have to see how it goes, he said. After the angiogram, the doctor told us he was very happy and surprised that the arteries were in excellent condition and there was hardly any blockage. We were all very relieved and thanked Guruji for the good news.

Hardly ten days had passed when on April 25, around 10:30 pm, my dad complained about pain in his back and groin. The pain occurred whenever kidney stones, a condition he had had, moved through his urinary tract. We took him to the emergency department of the nearest hospital as the pain was very severe. They ran some tests, gave him pain killers and discharged him early in the morning, asking him to return after 9 am so they could run more tests. So we went back at 10:30 am. After the tests, it was confirmed that the pain was due to the stones and they would pass out on their own in a few days. My father was still in a lot of pain though and was discharged only at 5 pm.

Guruji does know everything. If our satsang had been set for April 26, we would have to cancel it for sure as we were in the hospital all of Friday night and Saturday during the day. Guruji relieved us of the extra stress of cancelling the satsang and made sure we did not get this date to start off with.

I also believe that due to Guruji's blessings my father's angiogram came out clean. But as one has to suffer due to his or her karma, my dad's suffering was converted. Instead of chest pain due to blocked arteries, he suffered from kidney stones. In the long run, he probably would have suffered more if his arteries had been blocked.

On the night of May 2, a Friday, my dad complained about some pain in his chest. We called 911 for an ambulance. The paramedics came and ran some tests, and said that it did not look like a heart attack but that my father should go to the hospital for more tests. Early in the morning at 4.30 am the tests were run and it was confirmed that it was not a heart attack, though the doctors later ran more tests. We were all very relieved and thanked Guruji for His grace and blessings.

At this time, I came back home and my mom stayed at the hospital with my dad. At home I went to sleep and around 7:30 am I had a dream in which Guruji gave me darshan. I was standing next to Him and I said to Him: "Thank You, Guruji." He then hugged me and kissed me on my head as a father kisses his child. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I woke up my wife and told her of Guruji's darshan. She told me that she too had Guruji's darshan in her dream and she also had said "Thank You" to Him. We were really blessed and lucky that we both had Guruji's darshan at the same time.

My dad was later discharged from the hospital with no issues. He is still having some pain due to the movement of the kidney stones, but it is nowhere as bad as it was when this whole thing started on April 25th. Thank You, Guruji, for all your blessings and keep me and my family connected always to you.

Jai Guruji!

Monish Comar, a devotee

May 2014