I get sewa with Guruji's grace

Mohit Chadha, January 2016
I began coming to Bade Mandir from year 2011. I saw many youngsters doing sewa, and I also wanted to join them. My mother encouraged me, telling me that I will become a sewadar, too. As time went on, I was able to join sewa on Mondays at the shoe stand.

My office is very far away from the Bade Mandir. The office has a cab drop facility and I wanted to avail of it to reach the Monday after leaving office. However, that seemed a remote possibility. One day while in office I prayed to Guruji for it and also that He grant me sewa for big functions. I immediately got Guruji's fragrance. I found that my colleagues too were getting the same fragrance. No one could tell where it was coming from. I understood that Guruji had come to bless me. I apologized to Him in my mind for looking for the source of the fragrance and thanked Him for answering my prayer.

Sometime later, I got to know that a cab could indeed drop me to the Asola Wild Life Sanctuary, which is near Bade Mandir. I began travelling to the Mandir on Mondays.

I made so bold as to ask for sewa in Bade Mandir. I was asked if I had experience in doing sewa. I did use to come on Monday for sewa in shoe stand, but I didn't have much experience. However, I was sure that I would get the sewa as Guruji had blessed me. I put up my name in a list for those desirous of doing sewa on the days when functions are held. I got permission to do sewa for functions, but I didn't get the chance for one whole year. I was unable to come because of my office work. Only later could I begin doing sewa as I desired.

Guruji always listens to us and knows each and everything about our life. We just need to remember Him and love Him from the heart. I always share my satsang on Mondays at the Bade Mandir and it is through Guruji's kripa that I am sharing it on this site.

Mohit Chadha, a devotee

January 2016