Abducted twins reunite with family

Mohini Chopra, October 2013
In October of 2013, I received an SOS call from my sister in Connecticut, US. She told me that her daughter-in-law's 13-year-old twins had been abducted in Africa, where the family lived. I kept receiving news in New York, where I am based, as the days passed. The kidnappers had called once, demanding a huge ransom. The money was arranged for, but after the first call there was no news from the kidnappers. Thirteen days passed by and there seemed no hope.

One evening I picked up the phone and called my sister's daughter-in-law, Sandy. I requested her to take a look at Guruji's web site gurujimaharaj.com, spend a few moments with Guruji privately, and pray fervently for the return of her children. I told her that no one except Guruji could save the twins. In the silence of my heart, I prayed to Guruji: "Meri laaj rakh lehna, Guruji." (Please lend credence to my words, Guruji.)

The next morning my sister called me up and asked me to visit her. We had not met for a long time and I went to Connecticut with my daughter and son-in-law. My sister was at her store when she reached and told us to have coffee at a Dunkin Donuts while she finished up. We waited for her for a few minutes. She soon returned with a joyful smile, stating that the twins had been found. I shouted aloud: "Guruji has brought them back."

A morning later I spoke to Sandy. She was relieved and informed me that no harm had come to the twins. On the contrary, they had been well looked after! Who is the force behind such events except our Guruji? Thank you, Guruji, for being with your devotees at all times, taking care of their family and friends. Jai Guruji!

Mohini Chopra, New York

October 2013