A vision of Guruji

Mohan, September 2012
I had my first opportunity to get associated with Guruji at the big satsang held in Bangalore at Spring Fields Apartment in September 2011. We then became regulars at the satsangs organized every Saturday in Bangalore.

Three months later, on New Year's Eve, I was attending a satsang at a devotee's house. I was sitting in a room and Punjabi shabads were being played. I do not understand them, since I do not follow Punjabi. Hence, I closed my eyes and was soon in a deep reverie:

Guruji and I were alone in a hall. He called me and told me to massage His legs. After some time, I heard music and the sangat began to dance. Guruji told me to dance and enjoy myself. . . Such was the first time I felt Guruji's presence.

Jai Guruji!

Mohan, a devotee

September 2012