With devotional stethoscope, a doc gets to heart of the matter

Dr M M Bajaj, July 2007
'Om Namah Shivay, Guruji Sada Sahay'

I came to Guruji for the admission of my younger son in the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) course, as despite my efforts he just could not get admission. I was interested in the Manipal BDS particularly. Guruji blessed my son, who has now completed his MBBS with a first class in all exams. My elder son is also a doctor who lives in Chandigarh. He is happily married and doing fine professionally in Chandigarh.

I am a dental surgeon practicing in Faridabad. After coming across Guruji, I have been able to undertake many difficult jaw surgeries, which were complicated because of the health problems of the patients. But with Guruji's blessings they all went fine. Patients always came happy out of the surgery and there were never any complaints.

My daughter was trying to get into a Fashion Design & Technology (FDT) course in the Pearl Academy of Fashion Designing. She passed the written exam and gave a good interview, but was not selected. As I was worried about my daughter's career, I went to Guruji. It was Wednesday, which is not a sangat day. I knew that, but still I went via the Badarpur to Mehrauli road. I met with a serious accident with a DTC bus. I was not injured, but my car was smashed from the front. The impact was so severe that the bonnet lifted up; the radiator, AC grill and front lights were also damaged.

However, the car still ran and after 15 to 20 km, I reached Guruji's place (with the bonnet up). Guruji was not there. I just went to the place and was told Guruji will come very late at night. As I was coming back, Guruji's car came in front of me. Guruji saw me; I was standing with folded hands and weeping. Guruji stood there for five minutes and went inside. I was offered prasad and langar. Guruji conveyed His message to me: that my life had been saved; a new car would come and there was nothing to worry about. I was to return to my house and everything would be fine.

I took the car back. In the morning, when the Hyundai people came to take my car for repairs, they had to tow it and could not believe that it was in a running condition after the accident and that it had moved 50 km with its AC on. As there was no water in the radiator, the battery was not working and the AC was damaged. But, still the car ran for 50 km with the blessings of Guruji. I also brought a new car after the accident.

Moreover, a special interview call came for my daughter. I received the phone call. She got admission on Guruji's birthday, 7 July. I was in Guruji's mandir at 11 am on that day, when she was selected. My daughter is now doing very well in her course and she has already received two scholarships. This has all happened with the blessings of Guruji.

In the last two to three years, my practice had entered a dull period. It became hard for me to meet the expenses of the family, which is fully dependent upon me. I wanted to sell my house and leave the profession. I became frustrated with my financial problems.

A devotee told Guruji about my condition and once my elder son told Him about the same. And my problem was solved. With the blessings of Guruji, with the very same clinic I was able to run my house happily and I also paid back my debts.

During this time, I only prayed to Guruji. My faith in my Guruji has always paid me back. I have got Guruji's mandir in my home and in my clinic and Gurbani, which we listen to at the sangat, is always played in my clinic. Most of my patients ask me about Guruji and enjoy Gurbani in my clinic.

Guruji 'operates' on a patient

Four to five years ago, an old lady patient came to me with her son-in-law, who was also my patient. The lady was living in America with her son. She was 73 years old. She needed a major surgery, involving bone grafting of the jaw. The operation was to be done under general anesthesia. The patient had a high BP, which could reach 160 to 180 Hgmm and even touch 200 Hgmm.

The doctors in America refused to operate because of the high BP. The case in Delhi was the same. No doctor was keen to take the risk. The lady had been living on painkillers for the last two years. I also refused and said I am sorry. They persisted, but I said sorry again. The daughter of the patient saw Guruji's photo in my clinic and told me to operate on her mother. She believed that since Guruji was with me, the doctor, nothing untoward would happen. After her words, I arranged for the operation.

The operation was done under general anesthesia and took two to three hours. During the operation, the anesthetist became worried and told me twice that the patient was sinking. But it was a very successful surgery. The patient told her daughter that she saw Guruji twice, attired in white clothes, and that He talked to her and assured her that she would be all right. There was no problem after the operation and she did not suffer from any swelling or pain whatsoever.

The patient told me that she was a follower of Sai Baba but that Guruji had given her a new life. She took one photograph of Guruji from me and was very happy. She did not complain of any pain or swelling, rare for such a surgery. The lady who had been surviving on painkillers for the last two years told me she did not take a single painkiller after the operation. This happened only because of Guruji's blessing. I still think the operation was not done by all the three doctors involved in it, but by my Guruji.

My friend is helped out

My friend's little girl of eight years was suffering from a serious heart valve problem and had been advised an operation in the Escort Medical Centre at Delhi. The operation was fixed and I prayed for the girl's health to Guruji and gave the parents the flowers and prasad given by Guruji to me.

She was operated upon at Escorts Medical Centre at Delhi, but was very critical. I went to Guruji and He said: "Sab theek ho jaye ga" (Everything would be fine.) I went again to Escorts at 1 at night and met the parents. They were disturbed. I told them to take the prasad and that everything would be fine. Guruji gave me one photo to be given to them and to be placed in the girl's room. As Guruji had said, the girl became all right.

The photo of Guruji is in the girl's bedroom and she daily prays to Guruji. She again became serious after one year and was advised another operation. Guruji was at Jalandhar at that time. Guruji told me not to worry, everything will be fine. He said: "Tu langar kar, chinta na kar kuddi theek ho jayegi" (Have langar, the girl will be ok.) She again became all right and is now leading a happy life.

Once Guruji went to his hometown in Punjab. I did not come to know of his whereabouts and after 10 days of not having his darshan, I was unable to sleep properly and was feeling very upset. I went to Guruji's place after seeing a late night show at PVR Saket with my wife. At the Andheria turnabout, the front tyre of my car burst and my car tilted to one side. I stopped the car. It was very dark, there was a light nearby and two trucks were parked. I towed the car with my wife's help to that place. I told one of the drivers of the truck to change my tyre.

They came for help but, believe me, the tyre was just fine and there was no sign of any puncture. They thought I might be drunk and told me that the tyre was absolutely all right. My wife and I had seen the tyre and had towed the car a fair distance. We both were shocked and could not believe it. I came back from there and could not go to Guruji's place.

My wife wanted to get the tyre checked again. I got it checked at one of the petrol pumps and it was all right. My wife told me to get it checked it in Faridabad once again. I got the tyre opened in the morning and the tube and tyre were absolutely fine. Guruji's blessings had wrought another miracle.

These are a very few of my experiences but there are many, many more. As there is no end to the sea, there is no end to Guruji's powers. I am very lucky to be a follower of Guruji and I would like to always live as a follower of Guruji.

Who is Guruji?

My Guruji is God's special gift to mankind. He has been born to show people the right way to live life with His blessings. Those who get His blessings are the luckiest on earth and I am one of them. God's best gift to me is to be born as a human being and the luckiest thing for me is to come across my Guruji. Though I say 'my Guruji', He is for every body and not only for me. Everybody who surrenders totally to Him can feel Guruji in himself and cannot think of living without Him.

I come across so many people in daily life, usually patients in my clinic, and they want to know Guruji's name. I tell them Guruji is just known as Guruji. He has no name as God has no name; you can call Him Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Shri Guru Nanakji and Allah. And Guruji can easily take the devotion you offer in the form you want Him to, as He is the only Puran Guru and Mahapurush in our holy country, sanctified by rishis and Gurus of old.

So I tell all these patients that my Guruji has no name, and it is your good luck that you have seen His photo and asked about Him. The feeling of Guruji itself, I tell them, is something very special. My Guruji has got the power of Lord Shiva and the spiritual power of Shri Guru Nanakji. He is born to lessen the suffering of lakhs of people coming across Him.

Your nature, that has been with you throughout your life, will change after you meet Guruji. You become a better person with fewer weaknesses and enjoy life more with His company. My best period of life is now, when I am enjoying the blessing of Guruji.

People ask me what Guruji preaches to the sangat. I reply that He only gives His blessings with His prasad to His sangat and His prasad contains all His blessings and teachings. During the time you spend with Guruji, when He sees you or talks to you, you are blessed and relieved from tensions. He gives His affection, which can be compared only to motherly love. Whenever He sees you, His eyes reflect the rays of Divine Blessings. Only when you have surrendered yourself to Him completely with truth - without ifs and buts and questions - and with full faith you feel Him in yourself.

I know the only way to seek His blessings is to pray truly. When you pray, the divine feeling of being with Guruji enters you and remains with you and you should never ask for anything in return, as written in the Bhagvad Gita. We are all human beings and surrounded by a lot of problems and we all want Guruji to solve them, that is, we ask too much of Guruji. We should only turn to Guruji for problems that threaten us and our family. As it is, His blessings, which He gives routinely to the sangat, take care of all our problems without our even telling Him.

My Guruji is very simple and there is no hypocrisy in His thoughts. He never prohibits us from eating or drinking anything. It is left to us to decide about these matters. He never interferes in our personal life. He wants us to always enjoy a good and happy life and He takes care of this through His blessings.

I often ask myself what we can return to Guruji. My heart says the only thing we can do is to pray for His long life for the welfare of mankind and follow His advice faithfully. He rarely asks anyone to do anything; if you are lucky enough, He may and it is guaranteed that you will always benefit by it. We are all small creatures in front of Him, but He takes care of all of us, in the same way as a mother takes care of her kids. We should always think about Guruji 's well-being and we should never force Guruji to live at any particular place for our own self interest. We should always pray for His better health and happiness and for His well-being. This should be our top priority. We can only request Guruji to allow us to have His darshan often so that we do not deviate from the right path shown by Him.

I would only like to request our sangat to always think about Guruji's well-being in their prayers and always follow the path shown by Guruji. We should always surrender to Him in totality and follow His basic ABC: never abuse anybody, never blame anybody, never curse anybody and always wish the best for anybody coming across us in our daily life.

Dr M M Bajaj, a private medical practitioner in Faridabad

July 2007