Faith can do wonders

Mini Khanna, September 2012
Our lives are full of divine experiences with Guruji and I can speak for hours on them, but when it comes to writing them down, I am not good at it. However, I am very happy to write Guruji's satsangs while sitting in front of Him.

We came to know of Guruji in March 2010 through Shri Hitesh and his wife, Nidhi, when we went to their house. They shared their satsangs and we enjoyed listening to them, but did not attempt to pursue the matter further.

That very month we made a huge mistake. My husband was working in Bangalore as a software engineer. He was in a reputed company and enjoyed his work. At home, we were happy, too: We had been blessed with a girl, whom we named Pari. We are from North India and wanted to shift back to Delhi, where most of our relatives were based. My husband managed to get a job in Delhi and we were happy to move to the capital on 1st March, 2010. Yet a week before, I had to overlook two job offers that promised higher compensation and more seniority, but decided not to join either. In hindsight, we felt we were being stopped from moving back to Delhi. But the arrow of fate had come in too close for us to evade it.

Within two weeks of joining the new company in Delhi, my husband realized he had made a wrong choice. He did not receive his salary for the next six months. Our lives headed for the worst. Our family, relatives and friends began distancing themselves. We felt miserable. Pari alone held us together. If Pari had not entered our lives, we both could have taken any drastic step.

One day Nidhi called me up and again spoke to me about Guruji; she shared a few more satsangs. I requested my husband to take us both to Bade Mandir, but he put off the trip to a vague future. Unfortunately, my husband did not believe in saints or Guruji and was not keen on visiting Bade Mandir. Meanwhile, Nidhi continued to share new satsangs. I decided to insist that my husband visit Bade Mandir.

I was at my in-law's house and called him up and urged him to visit Bade Mandir at least once. He relented and visited Bade Mandir that very evening.

My husband went there on the evening of 21 June 2010, a Monday. He reached Chhattarpur by bus and then inadvertently went to the Chhattarpur temple for darshan, mistaking it for Bade Mandir. He then he called up Nidhi to inform that he had his darshan. He soon came to know that he was in error: Bade Mandir is around ten kilometer from Chhattarpur.

It was 7 in the evening and my husband was trying to get an auto to go to Bade Mandir, but none was ready. He decided to walk down. It was dark and lonely and my husband was a bit apprehensive. Then, an auto stopped in front of him. The driver knew of the Bade Mandir and offered to take my husband there and drop him back to the metro station at a nominal fare. My husband was extremely surprised and strongly felt that Guruji had sent someone to take him to Bade Mandir.

He felt very happy inside the beautiful Mandir. He listened to the jaap of Om Namah Shivay, had Guruji's darshan and prasad of samosa, tea and laddoos. He had been inside the mandir for almost half an hour and found the auto driver waiting for him outside. He immediately called me up to relate his experience. I was very excited and felt a strong desire to visit Bade Mandir. A month later, on July 3, I did.

Peace and tranquility had made their home at the Mandir. But the best was to come. Soon after his visit to the Mandir, my husband received interview calls, yet something always happened at the last moment and things would not materialize. Visits to the Bade Mandir were challenging since we were staying far away and had a small child to manage. Every visit would immediately result in multiple interview calls, but not lead to anything concrete. By this time, we did not have money to even pay the monthly rent.

It was not long before Guruji's grace fell on us. In October, I received two job offers from Bangalore. We were very happy and returned to the city. It was a turning point in our lives. Everything became better. The rented accommodation in Bangalore that we moved into was what I had wanted for long. We got back a family in the form of His loving sangat, where each devotee felt like our very own. We could attend satsangs every Saturday. Our financial worries too ended. Guruji ensured we never had to ask for money, and now we wanted for nothing. With Guruji's grace, we have obtained blessings for both the tangible and intangible aspects of life.

While my job went on smoothly, there were issues with my husband's job. His salary and position in the existing company did not match his experience and caliber. His lady manager was giving him a tough time. Though he was working very hard, he was not being appreciated. He had completed five months in his job and but each passing day was turning out to be a big struggle.

Then the day came when we had organized a satsang at our house. It went very well and we received lot of positive energy. The following day, we kept the house as it had been for Guruji and His sangat. At one point of time, my husband was checking his email when suddenly he called me. An email had come from the CEO of a UK-based company who had been in touch with my husband for the past two years. He was planning to open the firm's center in Bangalore and offered a job to my husband with a great designation. I resorted to a method to come to know of Guruji's hukm: I put two slips before His photo and choose one. It had His consent to go ahead.

The following day my husband met his director and asked that he be relieved within a week. Companies usually insist on a month's notice, but he was let go. Two days after joining the new company, my husband again got a call from an HR firm. He informed them that he had joined a new company, but was persuaded to meet with the deputy director for an hour. My husband decided to attend the interview but did not tell me about it.

He met the director, who asked him many questions. He strongly felt the presence of a force, or influence, in the room (that was Guruji) that enabled him to answer with confidence. The director was very happy and an offer letter was handed to him. The only condition-the joining date was within a week. My husband then called me and informed me about this satsang. I was amazed. My husband was again offered a good designation along with a good salary hike. We have to suffer for our karmas. Guruji takes away 95 percent of their influence; we have to tolerate what is left.

Now, the company that my husband joined hit a rough patch and began laying out people. More than 800 personnel lost their jobs. In his team, he was the only person who was not sacked. He was depressed and in constant apprehension of getting a notice. I had complete faith in Guruji and we went regularly for the satsangs. I was always telling my husband to have trust in Guruji; everything would be fine since we were under His sharan.

One day while my husband was on a train to Delhi for a personal trip, he got a call from another team manager enquiring whether he would be interested in going to the UK to work on a project. He had attended an internal interview and the client had selected him out of fifteen candidates. It was surprising since my husband had never worked on that project earlier. Everyone was wondering how my husband got selected. We, of course, knew it was Guruji's doing. We were very happy and thanked Him.

My husband travelled to the UK. He was a bit nervous about His job prospects since he had not worked on such a project earlier and was supposed to lead the project with team members from the UK. Before commencing work, he sought Guruji's blessings. Upon receiving his laptop, he keyed in a password related to Guruji. After that everything went off smoothly and it was completed successfully.

With Guruji's blessings we are very happy and content. Since we have come to Guruji's sharan, our life has changed for the better. We always want Guruji's protective, bliss-giving hand on our heads. He is not just Guruji for us but Lord Shiva Himself. He is everything to us. I do not know how, but I feel very secure and safe under Guruji's sharan. We love you, Guruji.

Mini Khanna, a devotee

September 2012