For a couple returning home, Guruji is soul anchor

Meera Jauhar, June 2010
The Jauhars returned to India five years ago from New York. Their re-entry was not without friction - the homecoming was not as warm as they expected. And Meera Jauhar often griped in those days that they had no one to guide them.

That changed in August of 2006. For quite some time, their neighbours, the Bhatias - who like them were in the real estate business - had been persuading them to meet a person they only referred to as Guruji. Anil Jauhar did not know quite what to do with the proposition.

However, the couple decided to take up the invitation one evening. As they set out with the Bhatias, Meera wondered about the children - twins aged eight - the couple was leaving behind. She yet told her husband that they should go in good faith, listening to the Bhatias' well-meant words as they would have to their parents'.

Meera was a diabetic - a fact not known to her neighbours, who had told her that it would be unwise not to drink the tea or have the langar served at Guruji's.

It was thus with some trepidation that the couple entered Guruji's durbar in Empire Estate. Meera had her chai prasad and then the langar which, apart from chapattis and dal, had laddoos. The sacred meal over, her stomach protested with pain. She endured it for the next hour. When the time came for the Jauhars to go to Guruji to take His leave, He spoke to them: "Aya karo, Aish karo!" (Continue coming, Enjoy). Outside the Empire Estate residence, the Bhatias told them they were fortunate: Guruji had spoken to them on their first visit. Mrs Jauhar was not impressed; she wondered when the pain would go away.

At night she could not sleep and kept thinking of Guruji's place, intuiting that they had been to a 'special' place. In the morning, the first thing she did was to check her sugar level. It was down to 100, and she knew it couldn't be, for it would rise even if she ate a wheat chapatti at home.

Meera continued checking the level after each of the next two-three visits. Every time, her sugar level would be down. Even her triglyceride levels, which had mounted to 700, plummeted to 120, which were well in the normal range. Finally, she stopped testing herself and Guruji, realizing that it was Guruji's blessings that were bringing down her sugar levels.

She felt as if her blood had been filtered and purified, and it was not just a feeling. It could be seen in fact. Usually, her blood tests would proceed with difficulty, there being much to-do over finding a vein, and the blood that was drawn out was always thick. After the visits to Guruji, the needle pierced the vein at the first attempt and blood spurted out.

She also suffered from thalassemia (minor). Her haemoglobin level was down and she always felt lethargic. But now she was coping with these physical shortcomings with far lesser medicines than what she had been gulping down earlier. Today, she is leading a healthy life, fulfilling many jobs and roles with as much ease as any normal person.

Interestingly, the Bhatias had not known that Meera was quite ill; in fact, even Anil Jauhar was ill. He had a sinus problem and it was so bad that he couldn't sit with the air-conditioner on. After they had been to Guruji's for two-three months, Anil found that his sinus was a thing of the past - he had been so preoccupied with his wife's health that he had failed to notice it!

Safe safari on a flat tyre

In January 2007, the Jauhars and a couple of other families went for a trip to the Jim Corbett national park. They were bundled in two Jeeps and drove inside the wilderness, hoping to spot some wild game. They were disappointed, the children pointing out that they had seen more animals in urban Gurgaon.

They returned with their vehicles to their accommodations, stopping before the guard. He pointed out how fortunate they had been not to sight any animal. A long nail had punctured the rear wheel of their Jeep. They had not realized it; yet the punctured tyre had not proved to be a hindrance as they made their three-hour journey in inhospitable terrain.

Guruji had saved the Jauhars.

A love letter to Meera

The couple had been going to Guruji for some time when Meera noticed that Guruji always addressed her as Mrs Jauhar even though He called every other lady "aunty". One evening, mulling over the distinction outside the darshan hall, she told her husband that she felt Guruji didn't love her and that she was not in His favourites' list.

Minutes later, when it was leave-taking time, Guruji extended an envelope towards Meera, and said: "Meera aunty, love letter." The omniscient Guru had read the thoughts of His devotee. By endearingly calling an invite for an evening concert a 'love letter', He had answered her call. Meera's doubts melted away in His love.

It dawned on her that a relationship with Guruji was not dependent on words. It sustained itself through inexpressible love. She felt that it was not necessary to be with Guruji. He is present everywhere. That He is the sole giver, wishing nothing for Himself. His horizon is unlimited because He is God. He only wants love and devotion. And His blessings are for everyone.

Sacred satsang at the Jauhars

His omnipotence was on full display when the Jauhars were honoured to host a satsang at their Gurgaon residence. As Meera tells it:

We planned the big occasion in the basement of our house. A day before the satsang as I was eagerly preparing for the event, I told my husband that it would be great if the sangat felt Guruji's presence during the satsang. Guruji heard me and He fulfilled my wish...

The satsang was from 5 to 7 p.m.; however, some people came in at around 4.25 p.m. With the arrival of the sangat, we smelt a whiff of Guruji's fragrance all over the house. We cheered up. But, this was just the beginning. Guruji had planned a beautiful and memorable evening for us.

A photograph of Guruji's had been put up at the basement hall. As we all surrounded it for His darshan, a prominent trishul (trident, the mark of Lord Shiva) appeared on His forehead. The trishul was three-dimensional and glowing with light. We were wonderstruck. We had been blessed as God had bestowed His holy presence in our house.

Soon, the sangat started pouring in. Guruji's aarti (ceremony using a lighted lamp to honour divinity) was performed. Everyone participated in the satsang with love-filled hearts. The blessed langar was served and the sangat started dispersing. Late in the evening, when only a handful of people were left, we again witnessed a miracle; a beautiful and distinct shivling appeared on yet another photograph of Guruji that had been kept on the ground floor of the house. Another speechless, memorable and special moment for us!

Today, if someone asks me whether I have seen God, I'd instantly say yes. For He is my sole anchor, Divinity Himself, our beloved Guruji. He gave His blessings, His invaluable love and took my family and me in His sharan when I was struggling for a healthy life. His grace followed me and He blessed me lovingly.

Guruji gives His messages through sangat

Guruji is omnipresent. He is still living with all His disciples and He plans special treatment for each of His bhagats. The means of His treatments may be different, but all lead to the kalyan of mankind. Guruji always said, "Nothing is by coincidence." I had been feeling totally charged and fit since I had come to Guruji's lotus feet, but spondylitis, which affected my left side, had shown no signs of improvement. The pain had become part of my life, but I never murmured about it, as it was nothing compared with Guruji's other blessings in our lives.

One day we stepped out of the house to go to the Mandir. I suddenly felt as if a strong thick liquid was flowing from the top of the head to the left part of my neck. I was disheartened and told my husband to take me to the hospital, as I thought I was having a brain haemorrhage. Doctors had expected that to strike, but that was before I came to Guruji's sharan. I firmly decided to go to the temple instead of the hospital. We were quiet throughout the way and there was total silence in the car. As soon as I reached the temple, I heard Joshi uncle relating His satsang. He explicitly told the sangat how Guruji had, unknown to him, given him Amrit and relieved him of chronic spondylitis. He described the same feeling of a thick fluid flowing down through his head. Although I did not realize at the time that this satsang was meant for me, the minute I reached home I was delighted because I had no pain on my left arm and shoulder. Guruji's ways are amazing. He treated me and informed me silently through the satsang.

Guruji protects His bhagats

Guruji has been driving our lives smoothly. We all feel that nothing can hurt us. On 8th September, 2008 I had planned to go to the Greater Kailash market. Staying in Gurgaon means that very few trips are possible to Delhi and thus I was extremely excited about the shopping trip. But on the 8th morning, I woke up with unbearable pain due to spondylitis. Going to G.K. was out of the question; instead I landed in Artemis hospital for therapy. I asked Guruji if I had done something wrong for which I was facing this problem (although Guruji had cured me). All day long I was in tears and was talking to Guruji in my mind, but did not get any answer.

Late evening, we saw the news that there were bomb blasts in the G.K. market. As I was in deep pain, I could not correlate anything. The whole week passed by. I kept going to the hospital, but the relief was negligible. A weekend later, when we were returning from the temple, instead of a CD of Guruji's we switched on the radio in the car. The song playing was of Kailash Kher's and its lines went: "Allah ke bande has de, dard bhi tere kaam ayega" (from the song, Toota, toota ek parinda aisa toota). My husband and I wondered whether we were now getting a message: that the deep pain was for my well being, because if I had no pain I would have definitely gone to the blast site and that really would have been a disaster. Later, I learnt that Guruji had also diverted some other devotees in different ways and stopped them from going to G.K. As far as my spondylitis is concerned, I was soon completely relieved of it. Now I know that dard aur dawa dono hi Guruji ki dein hai (both the pain and its remedy are Guruji's blessings).

There have been countless experiences with Guruji and many times we have not come to know how Guruji has been shielding us. It's a journey we all are going through. We receive a miraculous and unbelievable string of blessings from Guruji, once we surrender to Him and unconditionally love Him. His blessings are unlimited. However, He always insisted upon not asking Him for anything, as He, the almighty God, knows what we need at a particular time.

His lotus feet are heaven. God physically came to earth for us and is still living amongst us. Guruji is GOD: G for Giver; O for Omnipresent; and D for Divine.

Close your eyes and I assure you that you can talk to Him. He is within all His bhagats. He just filters out all our bad karmas and dilutes them. Consequently, he transforms all negativity to positivity and thus uplifts us mentally, physically and spiritually. His divine intervention not only changes your life but also the lives of those whom you love and your near and dear ones. I respectfully bow to Guruji and request Him to keep me and my family under His sharan forever.

Meera Jauhar, a devotee

June 2010