Guruji appears in Durga Temple

Meenu Sharma, January 2012

Jai Guruji. I live in the US in Texas and met Guruji in 2007.

I am a staunch devotee of Durga Mata, having kept a Navratra fast for the Mother for years. During the Navratra of 2010, in September, I had gone to the Durga Temple along with my husband and children. I closed my eyes to pray-and I saw Guruji. I was upset, because I wanted Mata Rani to give me Her blessings. My husband told me that it was one and the same thing. So, I closed my eyes again. Again, I saw Guruji. He kept appearing and letting me know that He is Her as well. Since then, I have always felt He is with me. I haven't yet got the (rose) fragrance, but I feel He is watching me.

Jai Guruji! Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay; Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahay.

Cured of a stomach bug

I was cleaning my house before Diwali when I fell. My toe nail came off and there was bleeding. I went to a doctor, who prescribed a strong antibiotic to prevent infection. But I suffered an allergic reaction from the medicine. My face was swollen, I had difficulty breathing, and severe body ache. I returned to my doctor again. She was shocked when she looked at my face. She prescribed another strong antibiotic for my toe, which led to yet another allergic reaction: I had diarrhea for 16 days. I was dehydrated; my stomach was in agony; I felt like I was dying.

Finally, I gave up and sat down in my home temple and cried my heart out to Guruji: I can't take this pain anymore; I haven't eaten for 16 days; I can't sleep; I can't eat; I can't spend time with my children; please help me Guruji. I prayed to Him to cure me. The doctor told me I might have Clostridium difficile (a bacteria) disease, caused by antibiotics. It was curable if it was not at a serious stage, but healing took a year.

That very night, I dreamt about my uncle who had passed away a few months ago. I was going to the bathroom and my uncle came up to me. I told him to wait; I would be right back. I went to the bathroom and felt something biting me in my stomach. In the mirror I saw small, black insects biting me. I got scared and started removing them because I could feel the pain in my stomach. The moment they were removed, I saw something resembling a huge pimple on my stomach. I got scared and said to myself, "What is that!"

The next morning, when I got up, my diarrhea had stopped and I had no pain. And it was all because of Guruji. Thank you, Guruji. I love you, Guruji.

Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahay; Om Namah Shivay; Guruji Sada Sahay

Meenu Sharma, a devotee

January 2012