Blessed with a child after a decade

Meenu Sharma, July 2007
My younger sister Geeta was married in 1995 and was childless till Guruji decided to bless her with a boy in May 2006.

We had first gone to Guruji in 2001 and after Guruji had cured my son, Shantanu, of epilepsy we added to our swelling list of demands one more item - that Guruji bless Geeta with a child.

Geeta is based in Canada and had been taking treatment regularly in infertility clinics there and in India for the last five years. Guruji asked me to tell her to start observing a fast on Mondays and give up eating any fruit that she could renounce easily. I told Geeta of Guruji's wish and she gave up eating guavas - a fruit she doesn't like.

Within a couple of months of her fasting, she conceived. The entire family was excited and looked forward to the child's birth. But, as part of Guruji's maya, she ended up eating guavas in a party. She immediately called me up and informed me about it. But within weeks she had a miscarriage and lost the baby.

I told Guruji and He said that she should come here on Shivratri day, which was falling in less than a week's time. With Guruji's blessings she could make it to Delhi and Guruji told her that she should return to Canada as He had blessed her.

She returned and resumed her fast. A year passed, it was 2005, when suddenly one evening when we were at Bade Mandir, Guruji asked me if I had with me a photograph of Geeta. Since I did not have one with me at that moment, He asked me to carry one whenever I came to the Mandir.

Within a month or so of that conversation with Guruji, Geeta called me to say she felt she had conceived but would know for sure after she went to her doctor in a couple of weeks. The doctor confirmed the pregnancy and she was blessed on 22 May with a healthy boy.

This could have been possible only with the blessings of Guruji, as medically she had given up hope. And it shows how Guruji controls even birth and death.

Meenu Sharma, devotee

July 2007