After Mandir visit, I get confidence and a better job

Manu Khanna, June 2016
My husband began going to the Bade Mandir after he was introduced to Guruji by a colleague. I didn't accompany him though. Not only was my marital life not at its best then, but I was also extremely disturbed in my professional life. And my husband was reluctant to talk to me about Guruji. I was not aware about Guruji or His ashram, so, I began reading about Guruji through the internet.

One evening my husband brought Guruji's swaroop to our home. That night, I had Guruji's divine darshan. I saw Him standing with His hands raised in blessing. Guruji did not say anything, but I perceived that He was telling me that everything would be fine.

Then I decided to go to Bade Mandir. I was unaware of the timings and went on a Saturday at around 3 pm. I took a private auto from Chattarpur Mandir though the auto driver told me that the Mandir opened late and I would find no one at the temple. I assumed someone would be there. However, the Mandir door was closed, the place felt lonely and there were a few cars and their drivers standing outside the gate. I was uncertain and returned by the same auto. That night I again had a vision: To my wonder, Guruji made me visit Bade Mandir in my dream. I saw it from the inside.

Thereafter, I began visiting Bade Mandir, and now I try going there every week.

The very first instance of grace occurred when I had langar prasad. I have been suffering from skin disease since childhood. Only heavy antibiotics could suppress the problem. Just before I ate langar, I prayed to Guruji to cure my skin problem. After having prasad, I soon found that my skin condition had improved a lot. In fact, it's almost healed now and has brought me loads of confidence.

In the meantime, I was getting very uneasy in my job. My manager was demotivating and humiliating me. Frustration was writ large on my face, as I began to lose respect every day in my work place. I was senior but was being treated as if I was a junior team member. The responsibilities I was taking care of for the last three years were all taken away.

I began gossiping about my manager and complained about her to the management, but maybe I was in the wrong here. I realised that when I was sitting listening to the gurbani in Bade Mandir. In talking negatively about her, I was merely taking on her karmas. If my manager was doing anything wrong, God would punish him or her, not me.

Since I was very unhappy in my work place, I wanted a new and better job. But I never asked Guruji for it. Within a month, however, I got a call for a good job. I cleared all my screening rounds with ease and confidence. When I'd travel back after every round, I could see stickers on cars proclaiming "Blessings always, Guruji". I was confident that my interview rounds were being cleared every time.

I had my last round of interviews in Gurgaon on a Friday. I decided to visit Bade Mandir in the evening, but the interview was short and I got free by 11.30 am. The company HR assured me that they would roll out an offer by the end of day. I decided to go back home without visiting Bade Mandir, since I would have had to wait for six hours to reach there around the opening time of 6pm. However, I did not get the promised call on Friday. I decided then to go to the Mandir on either a Saturday, Sunday or Monday - yet, I got busy and was unable to make it.

On Monday, I expected HR to call me, but no luck. I was a bit tense and doubted that they were giving me the job. However, HR called and said they had selected me, but there was an office delay in giving out the offer.

Five days had passed after I cleared the rounds. It was a Thursday and I waited for the call. When it didn't come till 5.30 in the evening, I switched off my mobile and went inside Bade Mandir. That day I saw a beautiful swaroop of Guruji with an extra special smile on it and I was made to sit right next to Guruji's gaddi (seat). I felt extremely positive and privileged and job concerns flew out of my mind. As I had to go home early, I had no intentions of having langar prasad. However, when I checked my watch as I got up to leave, I realized I still had time. Langar had begun early, and I was treated to a feast by Guruji. I had a party with Guruji in the form of langar prasad. I felt as if Guruji was smiling at me a lot, as if there was good news for me.

Finally, when I came out and switched on my mobile I saw that the job offer had come. The package was much more than my expectations and came with an extra joining bonus. I accepted the offer immediately.

It was great and a wonderful instance of Guruji's grace.

Jai Guruji!

Manu Khanna, a devotee

June 2016