A healing current passed into my damaged arm

Manmohan J S Kukreja, July 2007
I had heard my brother Harminder Singh praise Guruji no end. Then in 2003, when I was posted at Jaipur, I accompanied my brother to Guruji. At the sangat, I heard many experiences which showed how Guruji had converted the impossible into the possible.

Gaining hope from these satsangs, I prayed to Guruji to cure my right hand. My hand had been severely damaged in an accident and used to pain during winters or after some exertion and especially while writing. I received Guruji's blessings and was advised to bring a copper tumbler with me on my next visit.

I was sitting with the tumbler in front of Guruji when I felt strong waves pass through my hand and felt it was gaining strength. I found I was able to move my hand without any pain.


I travel a lot and am prone to accidents, but after I met Guruji I felt quite secure and safe. Once while coming from Ajmer to Jaipur at around 10 in the night, I was relaxing on the rear seat of the car. Suddenly someone woke me up. I shouted at my driver to alert him that that there was a truck parked on the road, that is, it was not moving. The alarmed driver quickly applied the brakes, and we averted an accident. I instantly realized that Guruji had put the words in my mind to alert the driver.

I always feel that Guruji has blessed me and has given me a lot of happiness and satisfaction. I also feel privileged that I am able to pay a visit to Guruji's temple in Jalandhar every day.

Manmohan J S Kukreja, Indian Oil Corporation, Jalandhar

July 2007