A lady is healed at Bade Mandir

Manju Gupta, July 2007
Manju Gupta from Rajasthan was suffering from an unknown disease. Doctors could find nothing, and she had to be discharged from the hospital without any cure.

The family was a follower of a Maharajji. The family took the lady to Maharajji, who was believed to possess supernatural powers. After looking at the lady, Maharajji told them that the lady was getting frightened because of some evil spirits; she was not suffering from any disease.

However, though Maharajji tried his best he could not get rid of the lady's problem. Maharajji told the family that he could not cure her, only Thakurji (God) could.

By chance (or was it by choice?), the lady happened to be a distant relative of a family devoted to Guruji. They had satsang together and Manju and her family came to Delhi and visited Bade Mandir. Manju was about to step into the mandir, when all of a sudden she started screaming; she went on crying for minutes together.

The family took her inside and as she stepped into the mandir, she stopped crying. She was calm, quiet and fell asleep for three hours. The family members said this was the first time the lady had slept for such a long time, after years.

In the evening, they went to have Guruji's darshan. They had chai prasad (tea) and langar and Manju remained calm and quiet. Ever since, she has had no problem because she has had the darshan of Thakurji.

Even siddha purushs (saints who have siddhis or supernatural powers) have limits. They can't bestow life or banish death. But, Guruji is a Mahapurush. He is Lord Shiva. He is God Himself.

Manju Gupta, devotee based in Alwar, Rajasthan

July 2007