I was a non-believer until I met Guruji

Manjeet Singh, April 2008
Religion had meant very little to Manjeet Singh, a happy-go-lucky Sikh gentleman. So when a friend from Chandigarh took him along to meet Guruji, he had planned a quick darshan. Fifteen minutes at most. Instead, he sat on the floor for three hours, untroubled by his bad back. Manjeet was overwhelmed by Guruji's calming influence. Shanti (peace) reigns in His presence, says Manjeet. I couldn't bring myself to walk away from His gift of inner peace. There were more surprises in store for Manjeet. Guruji said He was expecting him, Iqbal Singh's son.

Guruji said, He had met Manjeet's father years ago when Manjeet was a boy. How He knew Manjeet was Iqbal Singh's son is still a mystery. Guruji seemed to know a great deal about Manjeet's medical history without ever being told. He knew that Manjeet had renounced whiskey because of his diabetic condition. And He even asked Manjeet to have two pegs a week. He was recommending whiskey to a diabetic! Except Manjeet was no longer a diabetic - subsequent tests confirmed that. 'My blood sugar problem disappeared into thin air, just like that. So did my slipped disc condition. It was as though these ailments had never visited my body.'

There was more to come. Manjeet's second son had applied for admission to a computer science course in Allahabad. Weeks passed and the letter of acceptance (or rejection) had still not arrived. An anxious Manjeet and his son visited Guruji who told the young boy to wear a copper kada (bracelet) weighing five tolas. 'We went all over town looking for a kada of that precise weight. We eventually found one. The next day a letter arrived by courier asking my son to come for an interview. When we got there, we discovered he had topped the merit list from the Delhi Zone. My son believes it was Guruji's doing. He's absolutely right,' says Manjeet.

Manjeet's brother-in-law (who lives in Patiala) was losing his eyesight. The fluid in his eyes had dried up. Manjeet took him to Guruji, who offered him prasad of toffees. 'I had to coax my brother-in-law into eating those toffees. I'm glad I did because his vision improved in a week,' Manjeet recalls. His brother-in-law called from Patiala to say his doctors had confirmed that the eyesight had returned to normal, and that they were still trying to figure out how and why this miracle had happened.

Manjeet Singh, Senior Manager, Punjab National Bank

April 2008