A satsang full of blessings in Kathmandu

Manjari, September 2017
At my very first darshan of Bade Mandir in year 2011, I felt a very strong connection with the sacred place. Thereafter, whenever I would come to Delhi, from Kathmandu in Nepal where I live, I would go to the Mandir. My sister lives in Delhi and my daughter studies in Noida. My sister would often narrate the satsangs she heard at the various places where sangat were hosted.

In Nepal, I tried to find out if there were any active satsangs taking place but apparently there were none. My daughter called up one day last year to say that we should be hosting a satsang at our place in Kathmandu on Guruji's birthday. I was very excited but also apprehensive since I had no idea how to hold a satsang. My daughter and my sister assured me that all would be well.

I don't have a big social circle in Kathmandu but attempted to find Guruji's devotees–without result. We figured there would only be 10 devotees in attendance, but decided to press ahead with the satsang. On 7th July though, there were around 15 people at the gathering. It was a beautiful satsang and everything went off very well. The food, which I thought was in excess, was not wasted.

It was a miracle that I could have a satsang at my house. I was completely blessed.

So was a friend of mine. I had invited Sarita, an ardent follower of Sai Baba, to the satsang. She had gone to Amarnathji, the holy shrine of Lord Shiva, and was set to return on 7th July. She was too tired to attend, she told me later, but felt that something was forcing her to come. At the satsang, when chai prasad was offered, she was apprehensive since she does not drink tea. However, she got over her scruples by taking the prasad as the divine will of Guruji. She secretly hoped that her cholesterol levels, which were very high, would normalize thanks to the prasad. That is what happened. Five days after the satsang, tests showed her cholesterol levels were normal and doctors said she did not need any medicine.

I am deeply thankful to Guruji and pray that His blessings are always with us. Jai Guruji!


September 2017