Guruji hears my prayers

Mamta Joshi, April 2012
I had heard about Guruji from my senior colleague and friend on a few occasions. One day she invited me to join her for a satsang at her place in Mumbai. I went with indifferent mind and only because she had insisted. At the satsang, the Gurbani was being played and everyone was praying.

I don't understand Punjabi and kept on looking at Guruji's photo, as I had not seen Him, with only one question in my mind. I had had a miscarriage and wanted to know if I would ever get pregnant. Every time I looked at Guruji I felt He smiled a bit more. I kept all the events of the day to myself. Guruji answered my question after the very first meeting: I missed my menstrual cycle. That gave me hope. And I am still hoping that Guruji will bless me when the time is right.

A week later, I had a dream that I was searching for God. I followed a bright light and found Guruji. My faith in Guruji grew even further.

My brother is cured of a rare disease

My younger brother suffered from a rare disease and had been on steroids for more than two years. There seemed no hope of improvement, leave alone a recovery. As soon as my mother, who stays in Delhi, started visiting Bade Mandir my brother began showing signs of improvement. The recovery was slow but steady. Still the steroids could not be withdrawn. About six months ago I went to Delhi, visited Bade Mandir and prayed to Guruji to guide us. Within three months, my brother was off steroids; for the last two months, he has returned to his normal routine.

I have no words to express my gratitude to the supreme Lord. There have been so many daily occurrences when I feel things have worked out miraculously. And I know Guruji has always showered His blessings on us. My only regret is that I could not seek blessings from Him in person.

Om namah shivay; Guruji sada sahay.

Mamta Joshi, a devotee

April 2012