Full blessings for everyone

Mamta Agarwal, September 2016
I am a true devotee of Guruji. I own a clothing studio, which I have been running with a manager, Shivlal, for the last decade. One day Shivlal was looking very morose and I came to know that Tulsi, his daughter - back home in his West Bengal village - was not well and running high fever. He was worried, but I told him that it was only fever. The next day Shivlal wanted to go home. His daughter had been hospitalized and the villagers believed that she was the victim of black magic.

I sent Shivlal to Bade Mandir that day for langar and told him to pray for Tulsi. Since he was in the Mandir, his mobile was off. Meanwhile, his wife, who had been trying to reach him, called me up. His daughter's condition was worse, she said, and she needed to speak to Shivlal urgently. I asked her to make me speak with the doctor at the village hospital. The doctor informed me that Tulsi had meningitis and her chances of survival at the village were slim. Tulsi could probably recover if she was shifted to a bigger hospital.

I didn't know what to do. Believing firmly that Guruji was doing everything, I called one of my uncles, who is a doctor in Patna. He told me that Tulsi should be shifted to a West Bengal hospital but had no idea to which one. He advised me to google for a hospital name! I took Guruji s name and found out about one hospital. I called them up and fixed everything. Then I called up the village hospital and asked that they use an ambulance to move Tulsi. The doctors sketched out the hurdles in the way: It was Chatth puja, so all the roads would be closed. The train would take three to four hours while the ambulance would reach in more than five hours.

When Shivlal came home from the Mandir, Tulsi was already in the ambulance. I hadn't asked for his permission to shift her, and was fearful for her. As it is, the doctors were not giving any hope, and saying that she had gone into a coma.

In the event, Tulsi reached the hospital in a record three hours. Shivlal's brother from hospital had called up. But he gave grim news as well. But Tulsi, now in an ICU, was in a bad state, unable to recognize anyone. I exhorted the doctors to do everything they could and reassured them about the expenses. As for Shivlal, I told him to pray to Guruji and sent him the next day for Bengal with Guruji's photograph.

Now I had to send money to West Bengal but had no idea how to do it, so I put in a Facebook request. A friend, Deeksha, told me that her brother-in-law would take care of it. But the doctors kept being obstructive. The day Shivlal reached the hospital I told him to keep Guruji's picture under Tulsi's pillow in the ICU, but the doctors refused. I happened to speak to my friend's brother-in-law who was transferring the money and wondered if the hospital was not making a fool of the unfortunate people. This man said that he knew only one good doctor in that hospital, who was his friend. He passed me this doctor's mobile number. It turned out that this doctor was the one treating Tulsi.

The hospital staff had not given me the correct picture. Now with the mobile number in hand, I spoke to the doctor and took permission for Guruji's photograph to be kept with Tulsi. The request was granted, but the doctor told me that the girl was indeed very serious.

We all kept praying to Guruji and the next day Tulsi opened her eyes and recognised her mother. She kept improving daily and was soon healthy and happy. She has told me that Guruji gives her darshan in her dreams. Thanks to Guruji, I have been able to save a little girl's life and share its satsang as well.

Taking care of my dad

My dad is diabetic and one of his kidneys does not work fully. He has been taking treatment from Singapore. But that had not affected his habit of taking a walk - something he has been doing for the last 25 years. But a few months ago, when Delhi was in the grip of swine flu, my dad fell ill. He was going to work but had stopped walking. I complained to my mom that Papa was being lazy and asked her to force him to walk for his health.

As it was a Friday, I went for a satsang and he got to eat the langar prasad. Next day he got langar again. When I met Papa on a Monday, I asked him to go for a swine flu test. Doctors confirmed that it was positive. We were all shocked, as it was not good for his condition. The next morning it was Shivratri, and he was hospitalised.

On Shivratri day, I sat looking at Guruji's picture in my home mandir, crying as I was scared for my dad. But Guruji listens to us so fast. While I was sitting in the prayer room, one of Guruji's sangat, Ms. Neera, called me and she asked if I would like to come for a special darshan to the Bade Mandir. I couldn't believe my ears. When I went for the darshan the langar hadn't started, but I asked Guruji to give me some prasad for my dad. Lo a devotee came and game me ber prasad. I took it home and sent it to my dad.

He was released from the hospital the very next day. Due to Guruji's blessings, he did not suffer from any side-effects of the swine flu. My mother, who was with him all the time, didn't get infected as well. Such is Guruji's sharan. May He always keep us at His lotus feet.

Saving my life

This year I celebrated Guruji's birthday with great excitement. A day later, while taking my son to his doctor, I began sharing Guruji's satsang with my driver. As soon as I got out from the car, I gave him Guruji's locket, which I had got from the Chhote Mandir.

And then while going from the ground floor of my home to the basement, my foot slipped on the first stair. I rolled all the way down to the basement, my chin banging on the stairs thrice. I had been carrying a glass bottle and the shards were all over the staircase. I thought I was gone. But I got up quickly at the foot of the stairs and saw that I was absolutely fine save for my shirt which was stained with blood. I checked if I had broken any bones, but only found a few cuts on my hands and feet. Guruji's kripa had saved me. I immediately knew that Guruji had taken away some major negative karma. Till today, I am surprised by how I remained in one piece with no major injuries at all.

Guruji again helped me out with my legs this year. One evening I reached the Bade Mandir at peak hours, around 7:30, and no parking was available for my car. My knee was hurting badly but I got off. I kept chanting Jai Guruji and began walking. After three minutes, my driver was behind me, telling me that they had allowed the car to go in to the Mandir. But my knee pain worsened inside the Mandir. As I came home after having langar, I realised that the pain had vanished.

Please don't go to the Mandir to ask for anything, just love Him and He will bless you. We just need to pray to Guruji from our heart and He will listen to us. We don't need any VIP card or any special relationship with any devotee to get inside. If He wants we will have more than a darshan and if He doesn't then nothing will work. Guruji taught us that everyone is equal. By resorting to such shortcuts we completely spoil the atmosphere of the Mandir. Guruji is watching us and knows when we break the rules. There is no need to argue with the sewadars as well. We make Guruji unhappy. He is blessing us every minute even while I am writing this satsang. I know He is looking at me and smiling. I love you, Guruji, and miss you.

Jai Guruji! Shukrana to Guruji! May Guruji protect all beings!

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Guruji saves my husband from dengue, keeps my child from hurt

My husband Anuj came back home on a Monday, ill and running a fever of 104 degrees Centigrade. Dengue was all over the city at that time and I suspected he was infected. Test results would take four days to come, but I didn't wait.

I began giving Anuj jal prasad the next morning and also started him on Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments. The test was positive for dengue but I felt Guruji had been guiding us all through—otherwise, how would I have been certain that it was dengue and begun treatment? As is the case with this disease, his fever came down and then his platelet count dropped. He was increasingly unwell.

I went to Bade Mandir and got him chapatti and halwa prasad, but he couldn't eat it. The next day his platelets dropped startlingly and doctors advised hospitalization. My husband was not in agreement, and I did not know whether to have him admitted or not. I was panicking when a friend, who is also a devotee of Guruji, came. He assured us that Guruji was with us and we need not worry. We decided to defer the hospitalization and the doctor agreed to admit Anuj the following morning.

Throughout the night, I kept giving jal prasad and homeopathic medicine to Anuj. I kept reading satsangs to him even though he was almost insensate. In the morning, he was tested—his platelets had doubled in number! With Guruji's grace he began recovering. But the dengue had really weakened him.

We went to the ashram after a fortnight and still Anuj was so weak that he could barely walk in. Returning from the Mandir after having langar, he declared that he could run a marathon.

Boiling tea fails to scald my son

At home, we offer our devotion to Guruji daily. My children sit and read Guruji's Light of Divinity and my son Krishna lights a tea light before His swaroop. One day Krishna had a sore throat and fever. I made tea for both us and we settled down to have it while we read Guruji's satsangs in the granth. Krishna lit the candle but happened to push at the tea tray. Hot tea fell on his arm. I shouted out aloud in surprise and rushed Krishna to the bathroom, where I pushed his hand under the cold shower. His entire arm had turned red.

I was horrified. I had been scalded during childhood and had remained in bed for a month. Imagine my surprise when I saw Krishna admiring himself in the mirror. I asked him if his arm was burning. He said it was not hurting a bit. I couldn't believe it. In fact, my daughter who would join us for the reading, said that, thankfully, the tea had been cold. But I knew that the tea had been boiling hot as did my help.

It was one of Guruji's many big miracles. He keeps protecting us from every small and big accidents in life. Guruji is just great and can do anything. Love you so much, Guruji.

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Guruji restores happiness - and our bags - to trip

Guruji is everywhere. We recently re-experienced the truth of His omnipresent blessings. A long-awaited family trip to Spain was planned for May 28th, but my son, Krishna, got chicken pox on May 18. The trip had thankfully been postponed by two weeks to June 5 earlier. At the end of the stipulated time of two weeks, Krishna was well. However, my daughter had a high chance of contracting the disease too, as chicken pox has an incubation period of 15 days. Doctors told me that there was a 90 per cent likelihood that she would get the pox, and I thought of cancelling the trip.

Thankfully, a close friend Shivani, who is also Guruji's devotee, advised me to take my daughter to Bade Mandir for Guruji's blessings in the form of shabad, langar, jal and chai prasad. I followed her advice. The day we were leaving for Spain, we were surprised to find that our house help Geeta had got a bad case of chicken pox. (It took her three weeks to recover.) However, we went ahead with the trip, reaching Spain via a connecting flight from Frankfurt.

It took 15 hours to reach Spain - and then we had to wait for the bags. We waited at a carousel for two hours, but there was no sight of our luggage. My husband Anuj learnt that the luggage was either lost or perhaps lying at Frankfurt airport. The kids were disheartened. I mustered my faith and we all engaged in doing Guruji's mantra jaap even as Anuj made inquiries at the complaint counter. We kept going for half an hour when Anuj came back and asked us to go to another carousel where the bags were coming from a flight to Turkey. There Nandani, my daughter, saw our bags.

We knew that only Guruji could have done it, and felt reassured that He wanted us to be happy. The flight and the hunt for the baggage had made us very tired, but now we were elated and the fatigue disappeared. This is Guruji's leela, or sport. He makes you enjoy to the fullest and takes care of you everywhere. In Barcelona, we went inside a church and felt Guruji's presence. We lit a candle but weren't sure of how to offer our prayers. In chorus we all opted for two words: "Jai Guruji".

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Guruji grants my father a new life through me

My father's grave kidney problem began nearly three years ago. My brother took his reports to doctors in Singapore. They said we could wait for a transplant for two years, but that we should arrange for a donor. My aunt decided she would donate her kidney and we got her tests done. In the interim, my father travelled to Singapore every four months for treatment. In 2016, it was time for the transplant.

In June of that year, I went to stay at my parents' house in Delhi. I went to the Bade Mandir for sewa early in the evening and was told no sewa was available. I was disheartened. I was sitting in a corner when a devotee came and gave me tea prasad. He asked about my father and advised me not to get involved in sewa immediately and to take care of my kids and my family. I insisted on doing sewa for at least that day. He took me in the kitchen and gave me roti prasad sewa, which I did with full dedication. I then did sewa in the pantry as well. However, I didn't enjoy it. When I came out of the Mandir, I told my husband that my wish of doing sewa in the Mandir was over. I cried a lot. I realized that the devotee had been right.

The next morning, at Guruji's beckoning, I got my donor tests done. My husband didn't question me. All my tests came out okay and I asked my mother to carry the reports to Singapore on their next medical visit. On 12 August 2016, the doctors in Singapore said the transplant was now required. The reports - thanks to Guruji - were to hand and the doctor asked that I be called. I got my visa in a single day and flew to Singapore.

My brother and other relatives had tried for donation, but I knew this kidney donation was my sewa for my father. I had kept asking Guruji for sewa and he had finally given me such a selfless sewa. I went through medical, psychological and physical tests knowing these would come okay, as the donation was Guruji's hukm. The transplant was set for a month later. I returned to Delhi and found my close friends and Guruji's sangat taking incredible care of me. Just two weeks before the transplant operation, I was invited to Chhote Mandir. I had divine darshans and was asked to share my satsang as well. I felt blessed.

A week before the surgery I was in Delhi surrounded only by Guruji's sangat and feeling incredibly loved. A few days before the surgery, however, my daughter Nandani injured her knee. Doctors wanted to operate on her. I was shattered. I told Guruji that I could take any pain but not my children's. I guess Guruji was testing me. So I decided that my focus should be my father, not anything else. As it turned out, the fifth doctor we took Nandani to advised that a surgery wasn't required as she was much better.

It was a Monday and I left for the Mandir to thank Guruji. I had just taken a bite of prasad when a sewadar called me inside, asking me about my surgery. I was so surprised. He took me to the pantry, gave me a chunni and asked me to come to the durbar with him. I thought he would maybe ask me to sit or give prasad for my father. Surprisingly, he asked me to pick up Guruji's jal bhog and take it back inside the kitchen. I was overwhelmed that Guruji had blessed me in this manner before I was due for surgery.

There was more to come. On Tuesday I had langar and on Thursday, I went to the ashram before as I was leaving on Friday for the surgery. My guru sister Amrita took me with her. We met Gaurav uncle and he gave us a beautiful gold locket filled with Guruji's blessings. He asked me to put it on before the surgery and take it to the operation theatre.

In Singapore all was going well. The surgery was slated for a Monday and I was to get admitted on Sunday. That allowed us to go to a satsang in Singapore where we heard Shri Raghubir's beautiful satsangs. I, in fact, had langar right before getting admitted. On D-day, the surgery was for 9:30 am India time. But in Delhi my sister-in-law Shreya had kept a satsang at noon. So, of course, in natural obedience to Guruji's divine will, the surgey was shifted to noon India time - there was some glitch in the operation theatre. The doctors allowed me to the take the locket inside the OT and taped it right next to my head. The last thing I saw was the clock and began doing my mantra jaap. Everything went smoothly and the surgery took two hours - the same duration as the satsang in Delhi. When my surgery got over, a relative sitting outside smelled roses.

My father was, of course, also blessed. He passed urine half an hour after his surgery to the delight of the doctors. The doctors exclaimed that the kidney was a perfect match and had fit just perfectly. A lot of people messaged and called me about how brave I had been. But the thing is that I had completely blanked out for a month and was following Guruji's instruction. I had become just a small medium to give a new life to my father. Guruji is with us every minute, blessing us. I can't thank Guruji and His beloved sangat enough. It is because of Guruji's blessings and the love of His sangat - which is again His love - that we could pass the most difficult time of our life with such ease. Whatever Guruji makes us do he makes us do with a lot of style and comfort. We all love you, Guruji!

Mamta Agarwal, a devotee

September 2016