Guruji keeps us out of harm's way

Anuj Nandani Krishna & Mamta Agarwal, September 2014
Four years ago my mother was very ill and had to be hospitalized. She was to be operated upon for her appendicitis, but she refused and we perforce consulted other doctors. Diagnosis was hard to come by. A doctor inferred diverticulitis, while another got a biopsy done for stomach cancer. She was already suffering from urticaria, stomach ulcers and cervical spondylitis.

Then we went to the Bade Mandir and to the family's amazement, she was cured after eating her first langar at the Bade Mandir! Since then we began going every Thursday and Monday to the Mandir.

Guruji's had called us just in the nick of time, for a few months later, my father found white patches in his mouth. Doctors suspected oral cancer. But with Guruji's kripa the patches vanished in three months.

Guruji is with us and He has been showering His blessings upon us. Take my own case. As an active teenager, I developed a disease called Osgood-Schllater*. I had to be put on a wheelchair for two months and was told not to participate in sports for more than ten years - a recommendation that received the approval of the ten best orthopedic doctors in Delhi. Now, with Guruji's blessings I am back to playing sports in less than six months.

This year (2014) has turned out to be singularly endowed with Guruji's grace. In September, my mother was hospitalized as she had more than a hundred ulcers in her mouth, stomach and food pipe. My dad took her to the ashram and made her have chutney full of chillies. Her mouth felt like it was burning, but she was perfect when she returned home. We were pleasantly thankful, but now we knew it wasn't beyond Guruji, who can do anything.

Just two weeks ago, Guruji saved our house from being robbed. One of our maids was planning a robbery with help from the outside. We got to know and the theft was forestalled.

Then, very recently, Guruji saved me, my dad and my mom from a big accident. It so happened that my father was going to drop me to school in the morning. He took his jeep out and parked it in front of our gate and then got down, carrying out his squash bag. The jeep, which has automatic transmission, was on neutral. Unusually, my Mom had also come down to drop me so I went and sat in the front seat. I put my bag on the gear box. Its weight caused the vehicle, which was on start mode, to engage the gear and it began moving. No one was on the driver's seat and the driver's door was open.

I began shouting for help. My mom ran towards the car and tried to pull the hand brake, but she couldn't manage as the car was heavy and moving fast. She was half in and half out of the vehicle. As the car move forward, the door pressed my mom repeatedly against the cars parked on the right side of the road. The vehicle must have gone at least fifty feet ahead as my mom took a battering.

Suddenly my dad came and reached inside the vehicle from the non-driver's side where I was sitting and managed to stop it. I just couldn't believe what had happened - it was like a Hindi movie scene relived. But we know our saviour was Guruji - again. He is the family's kind and protective father and mother. We want to thank Him every day and every second for protecting us. Thank you, Guruji! Jai Guruji!

*The disease is prevalent among children who participate in sports. It leads to a painful lump below the kneecap in children and adolescents experiencing growth.

Anuj Nandani Krishna & Mamta Agarwal, devotees

September 2014