Under Guruji's sharan forever

Mahender S. Yadav, November 2008
We came to Guruji 13 years ago in February 1995. On that very day and about the time when we were having our first darshan of Guruji, my wife was promoted to the rank of principal secretary. Then, one evening Guruji introduced me to His sangat, bestowing on me a higher rank. The news of my promotion duly followed the next day. In fact, I found out that my batch mates and I were being promoted in Lucknow even as Guruji was conferring the higher rank.

Guruji's blessings remained with me even as I switched careers. On the very day that I met Him, Guruji prophesied that I would be leaving the Indian Police Service (IPS) to join politics. In a few months, I voluntarily resigned from the IPS though my retirement was five years in the coming. I joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). I contested the elections to the assembly in September 1996 and wrested the seat from the formidable D.P. Yadav, who had won the seat three terms in a row.

I won thanks to Guruji's divine intervention. A unit of the Punjab Armed Police from Jalandhar was deployed to maintain order during the polls. The goons of my opponent were thus kept at bay, and my voters could vote freely. I strongly believe that the armed police came from Jalandhar at Guruji's invisible behest to stop my opponents from rigging the elections.

However, we incurred the enmity of powerful bureaucrats. But Guruji's grace upheld us through very difficult times. Sustained by His blessings we have continued our fight. And so far our enemies have not succeeded.

One day in Jalandhar, Guruji was kind enough to give me His blessings for my cholesterol problem, too. I had a high triglyceride lipid profile, but the test done the next day showed that the triglyceride count had come down to 125. It had been nearly 400 just a month ago.

My family members, particularly my three daughters who are bright students, have total faith in Guruji's divinity. With His blessings, they have been achieving whichever goals they have set for themselves. All of us feel very grateful to Guruji and God almighty that we continue to receive His blessings.

Mahender S. Yadav, a devotee

November 2008