Love at first sight

Bobby, December 2009
My brother had been going to Guruji's for eight months. I never believed in Guruji, but on my brother's insistence we went to seek His darshan and blessings. We cannot forget the day of His darshan at Empire Estate. We sat quietly with the sangat. After about twenty minutes, Guruji entered the hall. It was love at the first sight of His graceful darshan.

My brother introduced me to Him. He looked at me twice and said, "Badi changi kudi hai" (You are a very good woman.) I still cherish those words. We started going to Guruji regularly on Sundays. Gradually, He controlled all my thoughts and actions. So, at first, I fell in love with Him and then gradually I rose in love with Him.

I wanted to settle in the UK and went up to Him to seek His blessings. But He said: "Theek hai ghoom ke aa jao." (Go and come back) We went to the UK and floated a private limited company, but Guruji is Jani Jahan, i.e., He knows everything. Just before moving to the UK, we again sought His blessings but He said, "Nahi Jaana." (Don't go.) I was shocked and asked again thrice, provoking Him to loudly pronounce: "Mangi da nahin, Mani daa (you don't have to demand, but to obey)." We were not able to understand the meaning of these words. We asked a devotee, Singla uncle, and he elaborated the meaning to us. From that day onwards, I never asked for any materialistic things from Guruji. But my wish to settle in the UK never died, as it was my lifetime dream.

After Guruji took mahasamadhi, all the sangat was shattered. So was I. It seemed like the world had come to a standstill.

After two years I again asked my husband about my wish to settle in the UK. We went to Bade Mandir on a Sunday. As I took agya and was about to leave the Mandir, one auntie came to me and said that it was good I had not gone to the UK, since "there's nothing good there these days." She kept on speaking negatively about the UK till I left the mandir. While returning, I realized that this was a direct message from Guruji to me and a very clear indication that I should not think of settling down in the UK. This incident clearly told me that Guruji is always with us and knows the slightest of thoughts appearing in our minds.

My daughter is healed

One of my worries was my daughter Aastha. She had enlarged adenoids, that had been removed by ENT surgeons. The operation, which took place before we met Guruji, was not successful and had led to 80 percent hearing loss in her left ear. We told Guruji of this problem, and He blessed a copper tumbler for our daughter.

Yet it was only in September 2009 that we met a devotee, Tur uncle, at Bade Mandir. He shared his son's satsang with the sangat, and tears filled my eyes: my daughter was also suffering from the same problem. As he was leaving Bade Mandir, I told Tur uncle about my own daughter. After 10 days he called me up from Chandigarh and said, "Don't worry your daughter will be perfectly all right with the grace of Guruji."

A month later on the evening of Diwali, we performed prayers at home a bit early, as we wanted to go to Bade Mandir. Aastha asked me before the prayers to light the candles, but I told her we would light the candles after the prayers. While we were performing puja, Aastha felt very uncomfortable. I asked her twice to concentrate on the puja, but she couldn't. After the puja she asked me why we were reciting the aarti so loudly . I said, "No, my child, we were not loud." Something strange had happened to her, she said, adding she felt as if some machine was repairing her ears. The sound of the machine was so loud that she felt very restless. After 10 minutes, she started listening clearly! I didn't believe her till I whispered something to my husband and she caught the words. She told me that she could now hear everything clearly.

We are very grateful to Guruji for curing our daughter-a feat which even specialized doctors had failed at after surgery. I am very thankful that Guruji gave me chance to have His darshan in our lifetime. Our shat shat pranam to Him. I offer my love to Guruji.

Bobby, a devotee

December 2009