Guruji is Lord Shiva

Lalita Gupta, December 2009
No one can have darshan of Guruji and Guruji's Mandir until and unless His grace desires so. Guruji alone fixes the time of our first meeting. I first heard Guruji's satsang from my brother-in-law, Mr. Rakesh Gupta. He told us that Guruji is a living God, but we could not believe it. With Guruji's kirpa, we first came to Bade Mandir in 2006 on Guru Purnima. When we had His darshan, we realized that what had been told to us about Guruji being God was absolutely correct. The extreme joy and satisfaction we got in the Mandir cannot be expressed in words. Suffice it to say that we had never experienced it before.

We had two photos of Guruji with us, which were kept in our home mandir. After some time we saw that the two photos had become three. The third photo had Guruji in a red chola and He looked very cute. It was all Guruji's meher.

Two years after our first visit, in year 2008, the doctor detected a cyst in my stomach and advised me to take rest and then go for an operation. I was having acute, intolerable pain frequently. One night, I saw Guruji in my dream. He kept His hand on my stomach; I felt something was being cured inside. When I went to the doctor the next day, he could detect no cyst. None other than God can manifest such a miracle.

In February 2009, my husband was saved, too. At least a dozen bundles of papers weighing around 100 kilos fell on his leg, while they were being unloaded from a truck. He escaped with a minor injury. What could have been a major mishap was converted by Guruji to a small injury. That too was healed when we attended Guru Purnima in Bade Mandir on 7th July 2009. My husband danced and his leg pain-for which he was taking painkillers-was cured on the spot.

We held Guruji's satsang on 15th of August 2009 in our house at Saharanpur. We began feeling Guruji's fragrance around 11 in the morning, even though no flowers had been brought to our home. Next, though Saharanpur sees heavy power cuts for more than 12 hours every day, during Guruji's satsang, there was no power cut. The langar and kada parsad were delicious. The sangat was not even able to identify what ingredients had gone into them-but the magic ingredient was, of course, Guruji's grace.

A year later, during Diwali, my son suddenly got high fever, with the temperature reading 104 degrees Fahrenheit. We became worried and visited a doctor, who declared that my son had typhoid and needed rest for around 30 days. When we came home, my husband said that Guruji is the Supreme Doctor. We touched Guruji's photo to my son's chest and gave him some water after taking Guruji's name. His temperature came down to 100 degrees within no time. We did not give any medicine to him.

The next day we again took our son to the doctor for a check-up. He confirmed that my son was okay and required no medicine. The doctor was surprised and puzzled. Of course, the healing was due to Guruji's blessings.

Guruji is God and He is giving unlimited blessings to all of us. We realize every moment that Guruji is with us. He requires only love and surrender and no ifs and buts. With Guruji's blessings, we find that whatever is required is with us even before we can ask for it. I pray to Guruji to have His kirpa on the entire sangat. I pray that He again appears in a physical form as we all miss His great and cute smile every second.

Lalita Gupta, devotee from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh

December 2009