A guru bhakt's dream road is paved with roses

Kriti Mittal, September 2012
I had a beautiful dream.

My husband and I were travelling in a car when we came upon a diversion. One road led to our destination; the other was redolent with the strong fragrance of roses. I insisted my husband take that road and he obliged. We had travelled a little distance when we came upon a temple atop which we saw a huge Shivling. We entered and saw a beautifully decorated red chair, a singhasan, with velvet cloth spread over it. We went to the back of the temple, which had a havan kund. My husband took the sacred ash, vibhuti, from it and applied it on my forehead. And-I woke up.

I experienced the happiest day of my life. After all, I had seen heaven in my dream! I immediately narrated my dream to my husband. We called our uncle in Gurgaon, since the dream was of Lord Shiva and our uncle had often declared that Guruji was the incarnation of Lord Shiva. We were amazed when we got to know that the Bade Mandir actually had a Shivling on top and that Guruji's seat inside the hall was covered with a red velvet fabric.

My uncle prophesied that something very good was waiting to happen to us. He enquired whether we were planning to buy property or undertake any new initiative. We informed him that we were planning for a baby. And two days after that dream, the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant. Jai Guruji!

My due date was December 9. One morning around the first week of November, I told my husband that I was keen our baby partook of Guruji's langar prasad before birth. We were at a bit of a loss though. We did not know if satsangs were held in Bangalore.

That very night, I had another dream. I saw myself attending a satsang in Bangalore. It had a huge photo of Guruji in white attire, and I saw ourselves having langar prasad. The next morning I was very happy, as I believed my dream was again going to be fulfilled.

Indeed, Guruji had a surprise in store for us. That very week, my husband came to know that the following Saturday one of the regular Bangalore satsangs was going to be held at Shrimati Mala's place. That Saturday, we left for the satsang. The photo gracing the satsang was the same that I had seen in my dream.

Around mid-November, a week before our baby was born, my sister-in-law, a devotee in Ambala, too had a significant dream. She saw an OM on my trouser, which then morphed into Guruji. Thereafter, Guruji disappeared and a baby boy appeared. The same day, I had a dream in which I saw that my husband and I were attending another satsang of Guruji's. While I was sitting, an infant appeared in my lap with the sangat saying that it was a boy.

On November 22, I got admitted to Apollo Hospital in Bangalore. While I was in the labor room, my husband was anxiously waiting outside. He prayed to Guruji to manifest His presence. Suddenly, he saw an OM formed in the clouds. This is how Guruji listens even to the small prayers of His beloved sangat. Needless to say Guruji blessed us with a baby boy that day.

We commenced living truly only after Guruji took us under His divine shelter. Since then life has been full of happiness. Any problem that we encounter gets converted into a beautiful satsang. We all love Guruji and always pray to Guruji to continue loving His sangat. May Guruji always bless His sangat and their family members.

Kriti Mittal, a devotee

September 2012