Grace pushes out doubt, brings in manifold blessings

Kiran Sikri, October 2015 हिंदी
I came to Guruji in year 2009. But I had a doubt: Guruji had left His physical form, so what was the point in visiting Bade Mandir? There was another predicament. I lived far away; my husband did not believe in pundits and gurus and would not let me come to Him. So how would I reach Guruji? As I bowed in front of Guruji, I asked Him to work a miracle that would allow me to visit Him.

A mere two weeks later, I was able to come to Bade Mandir on the occasion of holy Shivratri—and my husband was with me. He has been coming with me ever since.

Blessed with a new life

In July of 2012, I was walking on the street, when a car suddenly came upon. This was the end, I thought, when a scenario flashed through my mind's eye. I 'saw' the car hitting me, throwing me in the air and my body falling to the ground. Blood spattered the ground. Back on the road and in normal vision, I realized that the car had just brushed past me and I was absolutely fine, without a single scratch. Had it not been for Guruji, I don't know what would have become of me. He had shown me what was about to befall me and blessed me with a new life.

That was neither the first nor the last of my visions. One evening as I was dozing I felt someone write the number 396 on my hand, telling me it was my lucky number. When I woke up, I could not decipher what the number possibly meant.

Two years later, my daughter delivered a boy. I wrote my grandchild's birth time on my hand: 'tareekh 3, 9 bajkar 6 minute'!

Selling disputed property

We had a joint property that had been in dispute for a dozen years. It was a 30-year-old house for which we did not have the original papers. The property was neither in our name nor freehold. But, with Guruji's grace, we not only got the papers, but the house too was transferred in our name. The property became freehold, and could be put up for sale. From the buyer, we got a new house in lieu of the old one and several lakhs as well. All this without spending a single rupee from our pocket. It is all due to Guruji's grace.

I bow to Guruji's lotus feet. He has given me more than I can ever hold.

Kiran Sikri, a devotee

October 2015