With Guruji, there is no loss

Kiran Jolly, February 2015
Last year on November 28th, I got a phone early in the morning on my mobile. The caller, a stranger, said my wallet had been found at one of the pavilions put up for India International Trade Fair, which had got over the day before at the Delhi Pragati Maidan. I was surprised. I had no idea that my wallet-which had credit and debit cards as well as my PAN card-was missing. I immediately rifled through my bag and indeed the wallet wasn't there. The caller had come to my house to return the wallet, and I asked him to wait while I returned from office.

At home, I learnt that the good Samaritans were a couple from Nagpur who had put up a shop at the Maharashtra Pavilion in the fair. I had been to the fair on the 26th, but not near that Pavilion. They said they had seen the wallet in the hands of a suspicious-looking woman and taken it from her on the pretext that it belonged to someone they knew.

They thought of getting a lost-and-found announcement made, but since it was the penultimate day of the Fair, they could not find any time. So too on the 27th. Finally, they had taken a good look at the wallet and called me up. They found my election card, which give them my address and phone number and came over from the Karol Bagh hotel where they had put up. I checked my wallet and found that it had Guruji's photograph inside it. Not only did Guruji save me from the anxiety of losing my wallet and securing my lost cards, He even returned it to me at my home. Jai Guruji!

Kiran Jolly, a devotee

February 2015