Guruji blesses me with a great job

Kanika Bhatia, September 2012
Guruji has His own ways of bringing us back when we stray from the path. He knows how to make us follow Him. Often we cannot go on the right way just because of our fears or arrogance. I found myself in this situation. I am an engineer and got my first job in Bangalore. The day I landed the job, my cousin asked me to attend a satsang of Guruji. I could not attend the satsang that day because my interview was prolonged. In hindsight, I feel that Guruji was hinting at His disapproval of the job.

I had joined this new company with a fresher's zeal. Within a week I was approached by another company in Bangalore for an interview. On my father's persuasion, I attended the interview. To everyone's surprise, I got through and was offered almost double my current salary. I sought advice from a number of people but was unsure about accepting the new offer and never did.

Meanwhile, a week passed and another satsang took place. This was my first satsang although I had had darshan of Guruji once in Chotte Mandir. During the satsang, a lady narrated how Guruji restored her vision. I had a strange perception when the lady began her satsang: I felt I was seeing Guruji's identical twin sister. Her face and eyes were akin to Guruji's. Back home I dismissed it as a hallucination and ignored what Guruji had showed me.

Days passed by and my inquisitive mind started questioning Guruji's existence. I wanted to know the truth. It drove me to a series of satsangs. I have always believed in God but I belong to a generation which believes in the concretely visible and tangible rather than in what is transparently introduced to them as real. Yet, a few satsangs later, I started relating with Guruji. His satsangs became the happiest hours of mine. Spiritually, I felt really good.

In fact, I forgot how unhappy I was with my professional life. For ten months I had been working on a support project. I did not like the work and regretted not listening to my dad in going for the second company. Suddenly, I was again hunting for a job. The first company that came to my rescue was the one I had left a year ago. Not only did it bail me out at the right time but offered me a better profile. I thanked Guruji for this wonderful opportunity.

I do not go to satsangs out of persuasion or fear of punishment from the Almighty; it is my heart that takes me there. That is what Guruji does. We all make wrong choices, we all suffer but it is much less than what we could have gone through otherwise. I had not gone to Guruji asking for something, and I think that is the only right thing I did. When we decide to take control over things, we end up with the less significant materialistic stuff. When we hand over the choice to Guruji, we are better off. Guruji always knows what is best for us. Love Him as He loves you and feel lucky as you are the lucky few.

Jai Guruji!

Kanika Bhatia, a devotee

September 2012