Maango mat, Maano!

Kamya Aggarwal, September 2013
I came to know of Guruji when I was in Manchester. My friend was talking about Him and I realized that she was describing the person I had seen while meditating two days before. I believed He was calling me. I went for a satsang in Manchester and was happy that Guruji accepted me in His sharan.

The next day I was in my room and thinking of Guruji. Suddenly, I could smell roses. My friend had told me about Guruji's fragrance and I felt He was indicating to me that He had accepted me as His devotee. My faith in Him increased manifold.

Meanwhile, I had graduated. There was a month to go for the graduation ceremony and I wanted a job in the UK for that period. I applied, but kept getting rejected. I was upset and went through a very low phase, though I kept my faith in Guruji going strong. Soon I landed a job that was perfect for my resume: A contract job that wouldn't question the short duration I had to offer. I was ecstatic and knew it was Guruji's blessings.

It is sometimes difficult to keep faith going, as after all we are humans. But Guruji knows the solution to all our problems. He is always there with us. So, maango mat, maano! (Don't ask, obey)

Kamya Aggarwal, a devotee

September 2013