Filling a heart with grace

Kamini Kaushik, July 2015
A lady devotee was in a bad state, her health deteriorating in the hospital. One night, she suddenly felt uneasy. It seemed her body was making loud, piercing sounds. Doctors and nurses gathered around her, but none could make head or tail of what was happening. She and her husband were perturbed too, even though they had firm faith in Guruji. The lady had difficulty expressing herself, but indicated she wanted her husband to hand over a photograph of Guruji in a white dress. The devotee kept the photograph on her chest. And then, directed she says by Guruji, she put another photo of Guruji's, in a yellow dress, on her heart.

Till now none of the doctors had realized that her heart was not functioning properly. But Guruji had come to the rescue. The devotee was put on a breathing aid; echo and ECG tests were undertaken, which showed the very poor state of her heart. Guruji must have guided the doctors, because throughout her hospitalization they had not been able to arrive at a diagnosis.

After some time, the devotee could breathe on her own. And in less than a week her discharge came through due to Guruji's grace. The devotee realized that one of Guruji's photographs, in the white dress, was missing. She checked with the laundry department, but of course they did not know. She got very disturbed but had to head for home.

When she woke up the next morning, her back was itching and it felt something was sticking there. It was Guruji's photograph. Look at Guruji's grace. At the hospital, nurses changed her clothes; she herself changed after coming home. Yet no one saw the photograph. By being with His devotee in this manner, He must have done her kalyan. Guruji loves us all. We only have to knock at his door with complete surrender and He is there to rescue us. Love you, Guruji.

Kamini Kaushik, a devotee

July 2015