First dictum of faith: God is one

Kamini Kaushik, October 2014
It was a Monday morning and I was planning to visit Bade Mandir. Two of my neighbours got into a conversation with me and I persuaded them to come along. Both of them were staunch devotees of Shri Sai Baba.

During our drive from Delhi to the Mandir, we had a beautiful conversation about our dear Guruji and his leelas, the experiences of the devotees, Guruji's blessings in the form of prasad, and the many instances of His grace. At the sight of the Mandir, one of my neighbours was completely spellbound. She felt strongly attracted towards Guruji, but deep inside she was worried whether her husband would accept Guruji.

Months passed by. One day she convinced her husband to visit the Mandir. Her husband was then suffering from acute spondylitis, which gave him unbearable pain. They went and Guruji showered His blessings on them. It was as if all of the couple's karmas got burnt at the Mandir. For not only was her husband cured after having langar prasad, she also experienced tremendous relief in her right arm, which had been earlier operated upon after its ligaments were ruptured.

Still they were bothered:How could their devotion, till then expressed towards Shri Sai Baba, now flow towards Guruji? My neighbour's husband was mulling about the matter at the Mandir, when a devotee came up to him, gave him a photograph of Guruji Maharaj and said, "God is one." The immediate answer clarified their lingering doubts. Since then the couple regularly go to the Bade Mandir. Such is Guruji's grace!

The second neighbour who had gone with me that Monday morning had not said anything about Guruji. But she received His grace, too.

A day before her visit, her son had been diagnosed with an acute throat infection and tonsillitis. Surgery was on the cards. Naturally she was perturbed. But that evening, after the visit to the Mandir, when she went to the doctor with her son, he had no infection. Leave alone surgery, he was not even prescribed medicines. Such is Guruji's grace. Jai Guruji!

Kamini Kaushik, a devotee

October 2014