A sangat in lakhs at Bade Mandir

Kamal, August 2008
Om Namah Shivay

I had the opportunity to have Guruji's darshan for the first time in July 2003. I had a fractured foot, which was to be operated upon shortly. This was not the first operation I was to undergo. In fact, before having Guruji's darshan, I already had three to four operations done; they did not help, as the infection had already spread out of control. But this time, I approached Guruji and sought His permission to undergo the surgery. Guruji granted permission.

We had to choose between two surgeons; I asked Guruji whom we should opt for. Guruji left the choice to us and said either of them would do. With Guruji's nod, I had the operation done at a hospital in Rewari (a town in Haryana, close to Delhi) and was then advised complete rest for six months. To the utter surprise of everyone in the family including myself, the surgery was fully successful. I was back to normal. Thus, with Guruji's blessings, the healing not achieved in the previous three to four attempts was attained with ease.

Getting me married: from dream to reality

Shortly thereafter, my parents and family members started pushing me to get married. A friend, Vinod, also part of Guruji's sangat, had Guruji's darshan in a dream. He saw Guruji resting on the seat of Lord Shiva in the Shiv Mandir on Shankar Road in Delhi. He dreamt that he and I were going up to Guruji's seat on the elevated platform. As we sat there, Vinod was given a chance to press Guruji's lotus feet. Suddenly, Guruji pulled out a card and handed it over to Vinod, telling him it was an invitation to Kamal's (that is, mine) wedding. Vinod responded by asking when he would get married, and Guruji told him He would Himself arrange his wedding when the appropriate time came. Guruji further predicted that though Vinod had lost his mother, he would get a loving and caring mother-in-law.

All this occurred on a Tuesday.

The very next day, Vinod narrated the complete dream to me. When we went to the Mandir to have Guruji's darshan on Thursday, Guruji gave us a smile, gently indicating confirmation. The very next day, our family met the girl's family. This was the first meeting of the two families. On Saturday, I came back to the sangat and sought Guruji's approval for the marriage. Guruji gave His go-ahead and blessings, putting proceedings on the fast track. I got engaged on Sunday, and less than a week later, on Thursday, we tied the nuptial knot.

When I came to the sangat on Friday and told Guruji about the marriage, He said, "Very good, very good, very good." These auspicious words from Guruji are unforgettable and reassure us that His grace is always with us. When my wife accompanied me to Guruji's place for the first time, Guruji blessed her as well saying, "Jaa aish kar (Go, enjoy)."

If my marriage is anything to take a clue from, then one can safely conclude that Guruji's dreams are not just dreams, but are equivalent to Guruji's sakshat darshan. A dream of Guruji is bound to turn into reality-as was the case with my wedding.

After Guruji's mahasamadhi, about a week before Diwali, in November of 2007, I had Guruji's darshan. I saw a huge ground (more than 10 times the Bade Mandir's size) with a single room. Guruji sat on His seat in that room. Guruji ordered that preparations be undertaken for a huge function. He instructed thousands of young male volunteers to control and manage the sangat, telling them that the sangat would be in lakhs. Volunteers were given walkie-talkies to communicate with. Guruji then called me and another devotee, Manoj, inside the room, instructing other sangat members to go out. He instructed us to allow the sangat in only under His direct instruction. I was instructed to remain inside the room and Manoj was positioned outside. The sangat kept coming and going as per Guruji's instructions. When Guruji asked me to have langar, Manoj was called in. Shortly, as the throng of devotees grew, Guruji Himself came out, wearing a shirt and trouser, giving darshan to all those queued up. This is just an indication of Guruji's being with us and His sangat always, even in His physical absence.

Guruji is truly an endless ocean of love, and we have been really blessed to be here in His eternal shelter. May Guruji bless us all! Jai Guruji!

Kamal, a devotee

August 2008