Disentangling the knotted rope of karma

Jyoti Verma, July 2007 हिंदी
After both her in-laws were found to be suffering from blood cancer, Jyoti Verma and her husband disposed of their factory and petrol pump and shifted from Dehradun to Delhi. Dehradun was a small place in comparison with the capital of India where, the Vermas soon found, expenses were high. They had two children and their ailing parents to look after; they felt they would never lead a happy and comfortable life here.

It seemed to them that, bound by their karmas, they were walking aimlessly in a dark endless cave. They felt the entangled rope of their karma could only be cut and destroyed, but never be disentangled.

Both planned to shift to a smaller city, so that they could once again start life afresh. In fact, the family hadn't even unpacked its bags since coming from Dehradun.

Then through a friend whose daughter's wedding they had attended, the Vermas came to Guruji and had His darshan. The next day they went to the mandir at Empire Estate, where they sat for hours and sought His blessings.

So acute were their financial worries that when they were going to Guruji, Jyoti told her husband that it was not a piece of cake to spend petrol worth Rs 500 daily to come to Guruji. The Vermas used to come from Ghaziabad, quite a distance from Empire Estate. The sangat used to be held on all seven days and they felt as if they were pulled to Him daily. They found to their surprise that things started setting right by themselves: the tangled rope of their lives was disentangling itself under His presence.

Soon, the Vermas started importing a ready-to-use liquid intravenous immunoglobin made from human plasma by Baxter Healthcare. And their company, which never sold more than 6,000 to 10,000 vials per year, is today unable to meet the demand.

The Vermas' financial worries were over. Even the money that was due to them came in.

The Vermas realized the impact of Guruji's blessings before they had a chance to voice their problems to Guruji. They had spent most of the time going to Guruji arguing over whether they should tell Him about their problems or not. But, Guruji had solved the puzzle of their life, without their ever having to say a single word to Him.

In the meantime, their father-in-law's condition also improved. At one point of time, he was declared dead during a chemotherapy session in the hospital. But, he had a photo of Guruji in his pocket all the time and with Guruji's blessings not only got a new life but was also cured of the disease. He never took treatment for the blood cancer again.

In His unique way, Guruji also saved the life of Jyoti's husband. Once He called her husband out when it was the sangat's leave-taking time, but did not say anything. He gave His agyaa (permission) only after some five minutes. No one realized why He had acted thus. But, the Vermas soon saw what would have befallen them had they left earlier. On the road to their home they saw the wreckage of an accident that had occurred only minutes ago. Suddenly they felt that had Guruji not forestalled their departure, they could have met with the same accident.

Guruji's grace extended to Jyoti's near and dear ones. Her husband developed a severe backache due to a slipped disc and was bedridden. Guruji did not even ask about him for one and a half months. Then one day Guruji asked him to have hot milk mixed with turmeric before going to bed. He was cured!

Jyoti's brother-in-law, a senior official in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited posted in Lucknow, had a different problem. He was often at odds with his boss, who was hindering his promotion. His working environment was so tense that it was difficult for him to work so he decided to resign from the job.

But with Guruji's blessing, he was promoted and transferred to Hyderabad. He had himself said after his interview at Chennai that his promotion was not possible at all. Today, says Jyoti, he is happy and is looking after major divisions.

Guruji also protects devotees from negative circumstances. At the Vermas' factory site, a huge water tank, some 18 to 20 feet deep, was being built and about 20 to 25 labourers were working there. A small pebble fell into the tank and the workers were prompted to come out. The next moment, just as the last labourer had come out, the huge wall, 18 ft high and 65 ft wide, fell down. No one was hurt; even the infant present there was unharmed. What else could this be but Guruji's grace?


Jyoti's employee's sister was married seven years ago and was suffering from severe stomach ache. She had been treated by doctors and even operated upon without any positive result. The couple even went to pundits and tantriks, who did all sorts of tantra-mantra which went in vain. Jyoti told Guruji about her sister's problem and He blessed her with a copper tumbler, from which she was told to drink water. Soon, she was absolutely well.


Jyoti's maid lost her 11-year-old son, who was unfamiliar with Delhi, having come from his village a month ago. All her efforts to find him were in vain, and she did not even have his photograph. The distraught mother pleaded to Jyoti for help. Jyoti prayed to Guruji asking Him to help the poor troubled woman who needed Him the most.

The same evening she got her son back. She said it seemed as if someone had come and left him there in front of her.


Guruji instructed Jyoti's son to go and live in a hostel. Everything was done as per Guruji's wishes. It was his first time out of home for a long time and he used to get quite depressed.

One day all his friends left him in the hostel and went out to spend the evening with their girlfriends. He cribbed to himself that he could also have a girlfriend as it led to no harm and was just a way to while away the time. He fell asleep with these thoughts, but to his utter surprise Guruji came in his dream and scolded him in such a manner that he woke up at 2 o'clock in the night, shivering, drenched with sweat. He prayed to Guruji and only then could he get sound sleep. Jyoti was told of this incident, and she felt reassured. She knew Guruji was taking care of everything.

Jyoti says once people are under Guruji's sharan, they have nothing to think of. According to her, they just have to stop using their mind and surrender themselves totally, forgetting all ifs and buts. We come to Him as chronic patients, says Jyoti, with lots of problems and negativity, which He removes and cures with His blessings. Guruji's 'treatment' is very different and beyond our understanding. His blessings are always in disguise. But, our human nature is not satisfied till we speak of our problems. We shouldn't ask for instant results when we have come to Him as a gone case. But, the amount of faith and surrender put in connects devotees to Him and leads them to a bright future. As the saying goes: "Jitna Gur Daloge Utna He Meetha Fhal Paoge (As the amount of sweet put in, so the sweetness of the fruit)." The aura around the devotees then turns so positive that no one can ever harm them.

Jyoti Verma, devotee

July 2007