Guruji heals devotee's eye

Jyoti Sharma, October 2016
In July 2016, my daughter Priyanka contracted a viral fever. The viral attacked her eye and one of her eyes got inflamed and her vision blurred. When the doctor declared that it would not be possible to get back the vision in one eye, the ground beneath our feet shook. However, my daughter refused to give up hope and along with doctor Anshu Arora fought to get everything on track.

However, the real miracle happened when a devotee, Shri Bangari, told us about Guruji. At this point we were waiting for a miracle to happen. So though we did not know much about Guruji, we went to the Mandir. My daughter smelt Guruji's rose fragrance. After having langar and jal prasad, she felt certain changes. Ever since, her vision has improved. Many thanks to Guruji for blessing her.

Jyoti Sharma, a devotee

October 2016